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28mm – Polish Renaissance & Cossack Flags.

August 11, 2014 - By:

Polish & cossacks Flags. Polish Renaissance Army I was looking for some decent Cossack flags as well as some flags for my Haiduks regiments, but at the end i didn’t found any commercial ones of my taste. If you have been following my work for this period, you know i already used ones but […]

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28mm – The Assault Group – Krakow Militia

June 23, 2014 - By:

28mm – The Assault Group – Krakow Militia Polish Renaissance Army Renaissance is a period full of interesting units, some times everything looks the same, pikes and muskets in a sort of colours populated all the armies from Germany to England. Eastern topics and Ottoman empire add a touch of colour and a well bunch […]

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28mm – Renaissance Artillery.

June 22, 2014 - By:

28mm – Renaissance Artillery. The Assault Group – Warlord – Bicorne – Lead Adventure Polish Renaissance Army A nice mix of brands to make a whole artillery battery for the Polish Renaissance Army. It includes from “super” heavy pieces to the very small Cossack sled guns, and a mix of artillery crews in eastern/Cossack style […]

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28mm – Polish Haiduks – Foundry & The Assault Group.

November 3, 2013 - By:

28mm Polish Haiduks – Foundry & The Assault Group. Polish Renaissance Army As part of the commissioned Polish Renaissance Army, some Haiduk regiments were need. They are just 4. First showed is the Guards unit, totally based in TAG figures, which haves a well bunch of blister dedicated to this topic, including a command, so […]

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28mm – Polish Winged Hussars.

June 18, 2013 - By:

Polish Renaissance Army 28mm Polish Winged Hussars. The Assault Group & Warlord Games. Polish Renaissance Winged Hussars Well, i have been working around these guys some days. Well… many days !!!! Although both brands are quite compatible in terms of size, Warlord ones are sightly smaller, both are intended for different periods, and seems hard […]

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Zvezda 1/72 Panther Ausf D

May 7, 2013 - By:

Ever since I build Zvezda’s excellent T-34 snap kit, I’ve been looking forward for their next releases in 1/72 scale: a Panther Ausf D and an IS-2. While the IS-2 launching was postponed several times, the Panther finally arrived in late 2012. Dragon released its own Panther Ausf D in 2012, marketed also as “early”, […]

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