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African House

June 4, 2010 - By:

This pretty model could cover a wide range, from medieval Saracens to African world war II, even modern desert warfare. Is my first building, bit i’m satisfied with result. The sand bags are from an Imex ACW Accesories, and the structure for the canopy is made with wire and milliput. Is painted with Citadel paints, […]

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How to make trees

Done tree with natural branches

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Woodland Scenics trees. Those are from 5 to 7,6cm. A bit small for 1/72 scale, but they look nicely as small trees and bushes. There are 57 trees, maybe too much, in three diferent sizes. The branches are quite flexible and easy to manipulate, achieving a good appearance. They are at Hobbies Guinea Clump Foliage […]

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