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Hät – New batch of releases.

November 14, 2012 - By:

To end the year Hät is close to release a new batch of excellent sets. In our favourite scale they are: 8174 Brunswick Cavalry 8175 Wurttemberg Cavalry 8197 Prussian Hussars 8237 Zulu War British Inf 8248 El Cid Spanish Command 8249 El Cid Moorish Command 8279 Nap Mounted Officers 8299 Zulu War Brit Command 8304 […]

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Coates & Shine Set 8154 Indian Infantry IV BC

May 22, 2012 - By:

As many other ancient armies, Ancient Indian ones was mostly composed by infantry men. Forgotten by history, these men taken from the lower social caste, fight against Alexander the Great, but also joint him after Poros defeat, in Hidaspes battle. Most of the Indian infantry was formed by archers and spear-men, well represented in the […]

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8265 HAT WWII American Tank Riders

March 13, 2012 - By:

  My latest collaboration: Hät’s WWII American Tank Riders. Set haves 4 equal sprue, with 9 soldiers and 2 (tank) drivers each. One of the soldiers have a bazooka and other a heavy machine gun. There is also a man carrying munition for the bazooka and one officer wearing binoculars. All the figures are one […]

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HAT 8180 Gardner Gun.

March 5, 2012 - By:

Here I bring you the latest work that I have done. It’s the 8180 HAT Miniatures reference that brings us a set dedicated to the British colonial wars. This set shows a Gardner gun of the Royal Navy which could be installed both on a ship and on land. The Set includes four of these […]

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1/72 Hät 8179 Gatling Gun

December 6, 2011 - By:

1/72 HaT 8179 Gatling Gun This work have been included in the Hat’s contributions page. I love the colonial age… don’t know why. These guys are my first colonial paint work, so they would be considering as a test painting. The first mistake, the red coats’ trouser, which are too blue. Although there are some […]

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