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28mm – Reaper Bones & Warlord Games – KoW Kingdoms of Men – General on Winged Beast

January 17, 2016 - By:

To end for today, a work i ended a couple of months ago, but never found time to take pictures. It’s a Reaper bones dragon, over a LOTR ruins reworked, raided by a Warlord Games cavalry man from their ECW range. Most of the work here was done by airbrush, except final lights and shadows […]

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The September Issue (Dwarves).

September 8, 2015 - By:

Hi Folks, long time without publish anything there. I should remedy it. I have literally thousand’s figures over the paint table. Everything started and just a few ended. Hope to start to finish some large parts soon. While this happen i already ended some single pieces, and eclectic mix, with a common factor, all are […]

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