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28mm – Warlord Games – (Imperial) Cuirassiers.

December 10, 2012 - By:

Our second incursion in the 28mm Thirty Years War is not so successful as the first one. The subject is a very beautiful one, the Cuirassiers or Reiters, used by any side at this time, but we have chosen to depict them as an Imperial unit. Warlord figures are very nice as always, box comprise […]

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28mm – Warlord Games – Conversions (French Musketeers King’s Guard).

December 2, 2012 - By:

28mm Warlord Games French Musketeers King’s Guard. Painted 28mm French Musketeers. Warlord Games figures are easy to put together and easy to paint, they have and excellent plastic and metal range covering English Civil War and/or Thirty Years Wars. One of the odds is than you get the same plastic sprue in many different boxes, […]

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