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28mm The Assault Group – Janissaries with Bow.

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28mm The Assault Group – Janissaries with Bow.

Second Janissary Bow unit of the army. I Followed a color schema depicted by Osprey in one of their books.
Flag is from Wargames Designs, re-printed to match the style of my own flags which i will use in the future.
All the figures are by The Assault Group. All of them nicely sculpted and without mold problems.
Figures are by The Assault Group and Warlord Games. They have both different styles but once in group the match quite well. Warlord musket janissaries looks almost all the same pose, although they have some variations all of them are firing and in quite similar pose. Looks some flat in a front view. Any mold problem on them. The Assault Group guys have a lot more of pose variation, costume variation, not looking flat at all, but present a few mold problems or metal excess.

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