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28mm The Assault Group – Ottoman Levent.

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28mm The Assault Group – Ottoman Levent.

There are not too much information about these guys, and the term Levent is also commonly used as Marine, but also as a sort of semi-professional auxiliary troops.
One of the Osprey books about the Ottoman Army, contains one illustration of these guys exactly as they are sculpted, so i follow as the color scheme. They looks to me as precursors of the lovely Zouave uniforms a couple of centuries later (Except the coat with shoulder’s pads.)
Flag is from Wargames Designs, re-printed to match the style of my own flags which i will use in the future.
All the figures are by The Assault Group. All of them nicely sculpted and without mold problems.
One extra halberd janissary has been converted to standard bearer.

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