Revell 21 cm Mörser 18

Revell 21 cm Mörser 18

The Mörser 18 was designed to replace his obsolescent brother from World War I, 21 cm Mörser 16. It was one of the first guns with a dual-recoil system. His fire rate was very lower than her little brother the 17cm gun. and by this, his production was stooped between 1942-1943, but war needs resume his production until the end. With his 16,700 meters range and capacity to fire 125Kg bombs was a terrible weapon.
Usually was dismounted in two pieces for transport, but if necessary just one FAMO 18 could transport it.
Revell model is well detailed, model can be constructed on fire or transport mode, pictures below are showing fire position , with the rear suspension changed.


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nº11 – Altaya 38cm Sturmmöserwagen “Sturmtiger”

Sturmmöserwagen “Sturmtiger” Pz.Stu.Mr.Btr.1002 Minden (Germany) – 1945

Technical details.
5 Crew
1 StuM RW61 L/54 (380mm)
1 MG 34 (7,92 mm)
100 mm armour.
120 Km range.

Just 18 units were produced from this model, intended for heavy infantry support, on urban areas or dense fortifications, combining a Tiger I chassis with a 38 cm Raketen-Werfer RW61 L/5.4 naval gun. (Raketen-Werfer = Rocket Launcher).
This gun was capable of fire different munitions, including one of 125Kg High explosive.


This model is present on many Diecast manufacturers catalogue, with better accuracy than Altaya, although Altaya’s ones cover well the subject, without major defects, just the basic finished.

nº29 – Altaya Schwerer Panzerspähwagen Sd. Kfz. 233 “Stummel”

Schwerer Panzerspähwagen Sd. Kfz. 233 “Stummel” Pz.Aufkl.Abt 999 Rhodes (Greece) – 1943

Technical details.
3 Crew
1 MG 42 (7,92 mm)
1 Stuk 37 L/24 (75mm)
30mm armour.
300 Km range on road, 150 Km range off road.

Schwerer Panzerspähwagen can be translated as Heavy armoured reconnaissance vehicle, which means a lot of German vehicles during World War II.
The Sd. Kfz. 233 is a modification of the Sd. Kfz. 232, built between December 1942 October 1943, before they were released by the Kfz 234 series.
Around 109 units was built, plus some Kfz 232 that were modified.
The 233 was equipped with a short barrel 7.5 cm gun, KwK 37 L/24 in an open fixed superstructure. A great number of German vehicles were equipped with this gun, after it was released from Pz IV and Stug III, that were equipped with large guns.


Although is an interesting model for war-gaming it has some detail lacks, as the gun itself, and the antennas.

Italeri VW Type 82 Kubelwagen

Italeri VW Type 82 Kubelwagen

This little vehicle was designed from the mythical Vollkswagen Beatle, it was rear-wheeled air-cooled engine, but after test in Poland campaign it was massively produced until the end of the war, with no further modifications.
The Italeri model is an easy an funny ones, with just a few parts per model (comes 2 in the box) and clear instructions, just 4 steps, can be mounted in a few and painted without airbrush.


It looks a bit small for 1:72, see figures for comparisons.

Esci / Italeri / ERTL / Revell / WW II German Guns

Esci / Italeri / ERTL / Revell / WW II German Guns – Pak 35 – Pak 40 – Flak 38.

Another old set i wished on childhood, but never got it. Today, thanks to Ebay, it is on my hands !
In those times there are a lot of better choices for this subject, mostly for Pak 40 and Pak 36, but in his time, this set well covered the subject wasn’t so common. Italeri reissued it and also have their own pack 40 set, which haves better crew and some details as munitions.

The worst of this set, their instructions, and some of the crew, who are badly sculpted with bad proportions. Put the arms in the correct place is also a no easy task. About the instructions they only have one step, so is easy make a mistake although the models haven’t many parts.
All the crouched down figures are not good, heads have been replaced, but the arms were a head pain. By the other hand, the two figures who are on their feet are pretty nice.

Another lack on this set is the absence of any kind of munition, neither for the MG43 that i didn’t paint, and the only choice for the Flak 38, in transport mode. says instructions were cleared in the Italeri reissue.

I’m sure today there are better sets for this subject, but if you are a nostalgic as i am, you still can find this set on Ebay.

nº07 – Altaya Steyr RSO 0/1 + Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun [UPDATED]

Steyr RSO 0/1 + Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun 2. Panzer Div. Normandie (France) – 1944

Technical Details
9 Crew
1 Pak 40 (75mm)
250 Km Range.

04/July/2010 [UPDATED] Pak 40 reworked to fire position and repainted.

Altaya Pak40 Reworked-4

This is one of the most interesting model in the Altaya Collection, not present in other diecast manufacturers catalogue. The Pak 40 is fixed in transport mode, which is not most desirable for wargaming. As always the finish of the model is too basic, compared with other diecast manufacturers.


Italeri British Infantry [UPDATED]

Italeri 6056 British Infantry
50 Figuras
15 poses (13 stand up)

Another classic set form Italeri, re-issuing an Esci mould. The figures are a bit taller than her brother set 60033, but they look almost the same in a 40/50 cm range.

Two figures have been modified to become PIAT loaders.

PIAT "Loaders" modified figuresPIAT "Loaders" modified figures

I have imported two figures from Italeri British Commando, changing their heads, with a perfect pose to be Sargeants.
Italeri, British Commando, head changed.

All the gallery down the page.

As other times, i have to exploit my large collection of Citadel paints, so here is my Citadel paint guide for British Infantry, although i think the uniform looks too dark.

Italeri British Infantry PrintI put some figures in a base for serial work, a white spray primer. I know is old-fashioned, know i see a lot of figures primed in black and painted with drybrush techniques, not covering all the prime, but i can’t achieve a good result so, so i continue doing it my way.
Italeri British Infantry Primer
Italeri British Infantry Faces and handsI always use the same combination for flesh, Citadel Elf Flesh and then a wash with Citadel Ogryn Flesh (See last pics).
Italeri British Infantry Faces and hands
Italeri British Infantry WeaponsPaint weapons at the end, is bother for me, so i maKe it in this stage, taking advantage of black paint is in use i paint also boots.
Italeri British Infantry Weapons
Italeri British Infantry BeltingAfter weapons is time to paint all belting, helmet, hair and so on…
Italeri British Infantry Belting
Italeri British Infantry back belting
Italeri British Infantry back belting
Italeri British Infantry UniformThere isn’t a good colour for this uniform in Citadel spectrum but i go on with Citadel Dark Flesh. UPDATED Better with Bestial Brown, see last pictures down the page.
Italeri British Infantry Uniform
Italeri British Infantry Uniform backFor me , is easier to paint now the uniform, the belting is on relive , so is easy not paint over it. Some times i paint first uniform and then belting, but lately i’m painting always in this way.
Italeri British Infantry Uniform back
Italeri British Infantry EndedA wash with Vallejo Sepia Shade and some white drybrush (“bolt metal gun” for metallic helmets and weapons) and this is the result.
Italeri British Infantry Ended
Italeri British Infantry Ended backSome times i prefer see the back of the figures, as harms don’t disturb, the detail is usually best, and the paint looks better.
Italeri British Infantry Ended back

I know i’m not a great painter, but i enjoys a lot doing this and the result looks well in a wargame scenery