nº45 – Altaya – IXO Kfz. 15 Horch + Nebelwerfer

Altaya – IXO Kfz. 15 Horch + Nebelwerfer 6 Pz. Div. Kursk (USSR) – 1943

Technical Details
2 Crerw
Range 420 Km on road , 300 Km off road.

I was very expecting with this issue, both items Horch and Nebelwerfer are quite interesting !
Nebelwerfers are not easy to get at 1/72 scale. Esci set never was reissued by Italeri, and no new ones have appear in those years. Only way to get a 1/72 Nebelfer is metal range from small manufacturers such SHQ.

As always Altaya – IXO quality is not so good as i dream, but this one haven’t any great odd, except the fact Nebelwerfer is fixed in transport mode, and seem difficult to change this, as i did with Pak 40.
Cammo pattern is quite interesting too, and staff car can be used without the Nebelwerfer, although interior detail is very basic.

Italeri 6020 Mongols

Italeri 6020 Mongols

Complete set have 17 figures in 9 different poses, but only 8 figures in 8 poses come to me through an ebay auction.
Detail is quite good, some historical accuracy problems as you can see at PlasticSoldierReview.com review.

Recently Italeri launched another Mongols set, quite big that this, as lately is doing Italeri with all the subjects. They are painted for a project long time ago started, which is coming to his end, but i can’t say more now. Because this they are painted in two colours, green and blue, and better as much as they look more green or blue.

By the way i tried to use GW tips to paint gold armour, which is a bit more complicated than silver ones. For gold armours base colour is a dark brown, and gold over this. Silver ones are painted with the good Citadel range of silver colours, washed in black and highlighted with Mithril Silver. Always a good result. Better work can be done with gold ones.

Bases are 5 Euro cent coins.

nº01 – Altaya – IXO M16 MGMC

Altaya – IXO M16 MGMC

Finally i bought the first issue of this new collection (new at Spain and other countries, in France it was released two years ago). I think in other countries as UK it have been released by De Agostini.

This new collection is more of the same. Same quality, same price. Not comparable to other Diecast manufacturers , but cheapest. The best of the collection the fascicle, but by 10€ each, better to buy some good book. I think it’s the only model i will buy from this collection.Too many space needed for this poor quality.

By the way, model + fascicle have a good price (at least at Spain , 10€) for their quality.

The worst of this concrete model the non-alignment of the machine guns, and the fixed position of the trailer.

These pictures are taken in a new place, But still i have some problems to take good pictures, although my photography knowledge and quality of my cameras are not my best. There are pictures from two different cameras, see how colour change.


New Zvezda German 20-mm anti-aircraft gun FLAK-38

News form Zvezda, for Second World War.

A new set for a German 20mm anti aircraft gun and crew.
I think this set is also for the Zvezda game system “Art of tactic” recently released. We can expect more news in following months for this game.

I haven’t a pic of the content, so only box showed, but we can expect the usual good quality from Zvezda.
As the box advice about no glue required it seems to be a fast kit in soft plastic.

This subject was very good covered by ACE, but without crew, so this new one is very welcome !

Science Treasury U.S. JEEP WILLYS M.B. – CARGO 37mm GUN

Science Treasury U.S. JEEP WILLYS M.B. – CARGO – 37mm GUN

Painted U.S Command + 37mm AT World War II

I finally ends this work after a couple of weeks thinking about what to do to improve them…
I enjoyed a lot with this kind of bases, each item is like a mini-dio, so i’m planning built all the armies so.

Bases are from the store: Warbases.co.uk
They cut rounded bases in any size you need, with good prices.

One of the worst the decision to use the hard plastic figures from the set itself… they look not so bad alone, but close to Caesar and Italeri figures… they look bad…
Although set is a clone from Hasegawas’s one, quality of the instructions is poor, very poor. Quality of the set is that mixture of simply and medium detail, usual on Hasegawas’s set.

On bases there are a mixture of tufts which i will comment soon in a separate post, and also a mixture of natural stones, some of them painted (in the jeep base).
and also hard plastic items form Hasegawa’s US infantry set (in the gun base).

Different stages of the project are at Benno’s Figures Forum.

Although i’m gladded with result i was expecting some more when i begun it… but at this moment it seems i can’t do best…

Airfix German Infantry WWII

Airfix German Infantry WWII

My little tribute to this classic set, painting only bigger figures, compatibles with classic Esci and new Caesar’s sets, as reinforcement for my German army to play Disposable Heroes

The worst of the set, probably size of some weapons, although the man launching a grenade is a very good pose.

Complete set is 48 figures in 15 poses, but taken just bigger figures it is just 4 poses 15 figures.

I think today there are better sets depicting these men, appropriates for an early war army.

Italeri M4A2 Sherman III

Italeri M4A2 Sherman III

M4A2 are the “lend lease” Sherman, used by English (all Commonwealth armies), Russian Army, Free French forces, Polish brigades etc.
Also U.S. Marine Corps used them on Pacific theatre, but U.S. Army let it down at home during WWII. USMC version are commonly used with “smokestack” to allow disembark on beaches.

One Sherman have decals for Free French forces, the other is with usual U.S. Army markings , so it is just a home trainer vehicle, although can be used for Pacific games. They are painted with the standard Tamiya Spray paint, and then , weathered. Also for this, i used stowage made up with news paper, as i did with the M4A3E8.
For some time i promise to don’t do more green U.S bits, still have three on progress, close to be done.
Next time i will try the new Italeri fast kit, with two M4A3, but not soon.

Although set is solid, which is very appropriate for wargaming, I’m less gladded with this ones than with M3A4 half-tracks set. The poor, the junction between top and down plates, which is quite visible in vehicle front.

The most common for this version is the British used, in Mediterranean or Italy service, as guys from “Brazo de Nelson” did here, with their usual good quality.

New Hät sets, January 2011.

HÄt seems to be the most prolific manufacturer by this time.

Past week, Hät’s forum showed pictures for two new sets test, Natal Native Contingent and Carthaginian Veteran.
They looks fine, although pictures haven’t much quality. Face’s details aren’t appreciable, but some poses and outfits look great, never done before, on colonial ones, subject which i like specially. I don’t know nothing about Carthaginian armies, so i can’t opine.
I hope to see them soon on stores. !

Natal Native ContingentCarthaginian Veteran

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Hasegawa Sherman M4A3E8

Hasegawa Sherman M4A3E8

M4A3E8 was one of the latest Sherman involved in WWII, and the first with a 76mm gun and a new tracks and suspension system. This tank equilibrates (some) the usual disadvantage of US tank against german’s ones. Although it was still less armoured than German’s tanks it reduces the number of lost vehicles compared with previous versions of M4A3 .
Present from middle 1944, it was on US.Army until 1950 decade, when all Sherman were replaced by M46 Patton. M4A3E8 had a significance participation during Korean conflict.

Hasegawa’s model is easy to built , although it haven’t great detail is more than enough for wargaming. All parts fit well and there isn’t any issue with instructions.
It is painted at my standard for US.Army. Using Tamiya spay paint and the washed and pigmented. Crew is from model itself.
For the stowage on back, i tried some new for me, making some items with news paper, glue and thread. It looks fine for me…

A good reinforcement for battle, easy and quick to built.

English Wikipedia haves a not bad reference for Sherman series.


GW High Elves

GW High Elves

Something totally different for year’s begin. First time i paint GW minis, and also first time i paint something bigger than 1/72.

I enjoyed a lot painting this, they are from my cousin (ten years younger), i took them this Christmas but i forget to pick up a shield for the infantry man…

There is a notable size difference against 1/72, i have used some tutorials at GW site, i make some mistakes with shield and lance of the horse man, so much better result can be achieved with those items, but finally i’m more or less gladded with result. They look fine for me, thinking it’s my first time. The worst, these high elves have a lot of white, which is one of the colours i’m always afraid to use and never get a good result.
I felt the temptation to paint the whole boxes, but i have some many pending work with 1/72… i wasted three days painting these ones (about 10 hours, including time looking the tutorials) i first paint the infantry man, after this, everything gone quickly.

Size differences are also remarkable taking pictures, although this is also because my cam isn’t very good to take close to 1/72, but enough for this ones as pictures shows.

For first time i was capable to paint eyes (i know, they are not great eyes.. but)… still i think i can’t done on 1/72…
I will appreciate any comment from an experienced painter with GW minis… !!

Best regards.

nº42 – Altaya- IXO Nashorn (Sd. Kfz. 164)

Nashorn (Sd. Kfz. 164) s. Pz. Jg. Abt. 519 Witebsk (USSR) -1944

Technical Details:
Crew: 5.
1 Pak 43/1 L/71 (8.8 cm)
1 MG 34 (7.92 mm)

Nashorn was initially called Hornisse, entering combat first time at Kursk 1943. It was another interim solution to provide powerful vehicles capable to defeat heaviest allies’s tanks by German side.
Production begun on 1943 at early version (Hornisse), and a second version (differences were almost indistinguishable), built from 1944 to 1945, take the name of Nashorn which is characteristic of the series.

The powerful Pak 43/1 L/71 was capable to beat any allies’s tanks in a long range but the tall silhouette, tiny armour and open structure makes it vulnerable to artillery and infantry assaults and were not so large used as Jagdpanzer IV and Jagdpanther. Even is probed a Nashorn destroyed a M26 Pershing heavy tank in last months of the war

This Altaya’s model is better than a lot others of the collection, no major issues, and even the interior have some detail such munitions carriers on both sides of structure.
Better work can be done, but not for the price of this models,10€ each.