1/72 Accurate 7204 American Civil War Artillery Team

1/72 Accurate 7204 American Civil War Artillery Team

A complete review can be found, as always at PlasticSoldierReview.
Set haves 18 figures, two guns and two limber with eight horses. I reserved one officer figure, and also just put one horse rider in the limber, as both are the same figure (Figure also present on Imex confederate artillery set, which is done by the same sculptor, i think). Also, i just painted one limber.

This set, also issued by Revell, is intended for both, union and confederate armies, although they look more confederates for me.
Bases are from Warbases.co.uk and i pretend use them for two big armies for both sides.

Accurate ACW sets have one thing i like, proportion of the figures aren’t always the same, which looks more natural, as real life. an example, one of the seated figures on the limber, is clearly an old men, with belly 🙂 ! and gun crew also are men from different sizes.
By the way the set have some flash, but the worst is the lack of detail on some important areas as faces. In general, details isn’t quite depth, so after prime it’s difficult to see all, not good for a wash + dry bush technique.

Light grey is not an easy colour for me, but this time i’m gladded with result.

Base colour is Citadel “Fortress Grey”, washed with diluted black, and then, dry bush with “Fortress Grey” +White.

This is the first step to built two armies, to play with “Fire & Fury” and “American Civil War Battles” rules. So this year many ACW items will be show here.

nº47 – 1/72 Altaya – Ixo Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. N

1/72 Altaya – Ixo Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf. N (Sd. Kfz. 141/2) sch. Pz.Abt.502 Kelkolowo (USSR) – 1942

Technical Details
Crew 5
1 Kwk L/24 (75mm)
2 MG 34 (7.92mm)
Range 155 Km.

Pz III quickly become obsolete, although is large production maintain it in service until end of the war.
Their chassis were large used to built self propelled guns like StuG III. This is the second Pz III in the collection.

The model is not one of the best, sights on drivers and radio operator sides are ugly painted and general looks is a bit rough, although cammo pattern looks great as always.

nº46 – 1/72 Altaya – IXO Sd.Kfz. 251/9 Ausf. D “Stummel”

1/72 Altaya – IXO Sd.Kfz. 251/9 Ausf. D “Stummel” 20 Pz. Div. East Prusia – 1944

Technical Details

Crew: 3
1 Kwk 37 L/24 (75mm)
2 MG 34 (o MG 42) 7.92mm
Range: 300 Km on road 150 Km off road.

Sd. Kfz. 251 are one of my favourite wwII vehicles, i like their silhouette and the concept of mechanized infantry which come with them.
Manufactured in many different versions never were available in enough quantity to equip all divisions, but they perform an important role during the war.
9 Version, with the short 75mm gun, is one of the most beautiful.

Altaya’s model present a good quality according to his price, the worst, probably the basic detail in the gun itself, but no any other great faults. This model is a good addition to the collection, which present another 251 in previous issues.

Italeri 1/72 7508 Autocannone 3 RO

Italeri Autocannone 3 RO

An easy and robust model, as correspond to a fast-kit. Figures are well detailed, only odd, they are too big, as lately is doing Italeri. Even vehicle and gun looks bigger than 1/72, although Lancia was a big vehicle.
This bigger size on figures translate to an easy paint job.

Cammo net is done with band, but i’m not very gladded with final result, they looks big in a close view so it isn’t fixed. There are pictures with and without the net.

Base colour for both, vehicles and figures, is Tamiya TS-3 Dark Yellow spray paint. Dry-Brush with different sand colours, sepia wash and pigments. About terrain there are some natural stones, tufts home made with an old brush, pigments an some commercial clump foliage.

A little reference with good illustrations here.

Figures are not fixed to fit 1:1 rules and also to crew other items.

Base is a custom size 90x95mm made by Warbases.co.uk

1/72 ESCI 243 NATO Pilots and Ground Crew

Just two figures from this set, they are company for one gift i’m close to end, an Apache helicopter for a friend, although it’s not going well… things which fly are not for me, many problems with cockpit.
I know they are not very accurate as pilots for an Apache, but, i haven’t any other set of “modern” pilots.

2 hand painted figures from Set 1/72 ESCI 243 NATO Pilots and Ground Crew

Who know which could do mate Paul with them…

By the way, set is well detailed with a lot of interesting poses (20 different poses), all the set is reviewed here.

nº44 – Altaya – IXO Flakpanzer 341 Coelian Prototype

Altaya – IXO Flakpanzer 341Coelian Prototype Berlin (Germany) – 1945

Technical Details
4/5 Crew
2 Flak 44 (37mm)
1 MG 34 (7,9mm)
1Granade Launcher (90mm)
Range: 200 Km on road and 170 Km off road.

As title said, this vehicle was just a prototype which never was produced, just one wooden model, with a different turret to ones Altaya depict here.
The other turret was designed with a single 5,5 cm gun, although some models show this one also with a double gun, also called Super Coelian, but no one was built. There isn’t clear information about this projects.
Based on Panther D chassis it would was a great anti-air weapon, but..

Model’s quality is Altaya usual one, the worst the guns itself, they are plastic ones, and seems to be curved, probably due a bad storage exposed to high temperatures.
One missing detail (i can’t see it) is the 90mm grenade launcher…