nº49 – Altaya IXO Flakpanzer IV “Wirbelwind”

Altaya IXO Flakpanzer IV “Wirbelwind” sch. SS-Pz.Abt.501 – Ardennes (Belgium) – 1944

Technical Details:
5 Crew
1 x 4 Flakvierling 38 L/11 (20mm)
1 MG 34 (7,92mm)
Range: 200 Km.

At begging of the war, the Lutfwaffe supremacy avoid development of self-propelled anti-aircraft gun as they were unnecessary. By 1943 this situation was inverted and Germany begun development of such vehicles.
First solutions were a quick approach with open platforms and poor (nothing) protection for crew.
By 1944 a previous attempt based on Panzer IV, known as Möbelwagen, was improved with a new turret, still open at top, but capable to have a quad Flakvierling inside with the crew, the Wirbelwind.
The turret can traverse 360º and the gun can operate with +10/+90º, with a maximiun fire rate of 1800 rounds per minute. Although loaders of 20 rounds probably don’t allow to get this rate even for expert crew.
Around 100 units were developed.

On of the odds was the open turret, and the other was the 2cm calibre, not capable to down all the planes.
It was intended to be replaced by the Ostwind, equipped with a single 3.7 cm FlaK 43, but just 43 units were completed before war ends.
Even this it was a good anti aircraft and also was a terrible weapon used against ground targets like infantry and unarmoured vehicles.

Altaya’s model is not one of the best in the collection, guns are unaligned and there are some painted details, although not the ugly sights. Turret have some interior details, such space for chargers which are not bad.

nº48 – Altaya IXO Lwds (Landwasserschlepper) I

Altaya IXO Lwds I Pi.Ldgs.Ausb.Btl.Esbjerg Dennmark . 1944.

Technical Details
2 crew.
Capacity for 20 men.

Is the first time i see this vehicle, so this issue is a nice surprise, and a good addition to any collection.
It was un-armed and un-armoured, so was not capable to operate in combat conditions.

Model’s detail is quite good, no major odds are present, such ugly painted details. These vehicles were majorly used in north Africa and Russia. A new version (Lwds II) in 1944, based on Panzer IV chassis, totally different to this design, but the few Lwds I built, were used until the end of the war.
Were mostly used by engineers units, crossing rivers in non combat operations.

Model is on HO scale manufactured by Trident Miniatures, in a very good quality, ad also on 1/144 by CGD. In 1/735 several manufacturers have this version and also the Lwds II, but i think the only model at true 1/72 scale on the market.

nº05 – 1/72 Altaya IXO Sd.Kfz. 232- 8rad

1/72 Altaya IXO Schwerer Panzerspähwagwn (8rad) Sd.Kfz. 232 5.le Div. Agedabia (Lybia) – 1941

Technical Details
Crew 4
1 Kwk 38 (20mm)
1 MG 34 (7,92mm)
Range 170Km.

Although this type of vehicles are one of my favourites Altaya’s model is not a very good ones, it haves a lot of ugly painted details, as commented in other models, like a letter.
232 series were superseded by 234 series, but never were withdrawn from the front, probably by the lack of resources. They were update after 1943 with new radios and also a compact antenna. A curiosity, the antenna showed in the model was specially attached to the turret, so this was able to rotate 360º.

1/72 Zvezda 8043 Roman Imperial Legionaries

1/72 Zvezda 8043 Roman Imperial Legionaries

Just one of the unique figures from this good set, painted as example for a friend.
I used as reference back box illustration.
Base is a 2 euro cent.

The set haves the standard quality from Zvezda, with some separate parts which allow some easy modifications on figures.
This set has 28 figures in Roman “testudo” formation, which can be extend with more sets.

A complete review as always at PlasticSoldierreview.com