Caesar news. [UPDATED]

The next batch of releases by Caesar is here.


They comprise the following sets:

H077 – German Soldiers with Tank Riders
H082 – Counter-Terrorist Elite Forces
H086 – Dismounted Crusaders
H087 – Medieval European Knights 13th Century
H088 – European Medieval Foot Soldiers and Archers

The next batch of release will be the expected multi-part figures by Caesar, a new feature by this brand. This batch seems to be whole dedicated to German WW2 troops.


Seems that the multi-part series is already in some stores. They are:

CMH7211 German Infantry
CMH7212 German Paratroopers
CMH7213 German Afrikakorps
CMH7214 World War II German Panzergrenadiers
CMH7215 World War II German Panzergrenadier (Kursk)
CMH7216 German Panzergrenadier (Normandy 1944)
CMH7217 German Panzergrenadiers in Capes

nº22 – Altaya IXO – MCV 80 Warrior

7th Armoured Brigade Iraq 2003

Technical Details.
3 Crew + 7 Transported
1 L21A1 Rarden 30mm
1MG 7.62mm
650Km Range

Well, it has been some long since our last update of the Altaya Collection, we will resume our publishing activities during this year, we promise it.

The Warrior tracked armoured vehicle is a family designed long time ago, during 70’s. Of course it has received several updates in this time and has seen action in all the latest conflicts were the Bitish army has been involved, such the Iraq invasion in 2003, has the concrete model depicted by Altaya. More updated has come since 2003 and still more are planned for the future, so seems that this family will be in service many more years. You can learn some more in the WikiPedia.

Some details don’t look specially good, as usual, the aerials are too thick and paint work is nothing special. A collectors piece, and why not, usable for some modern wargame.
Revell and Trumpeter have this vehicle in their ranges, if you prefer to built up yourself.

More Revell novelties for 2013.


Plus the already announced releases for the early 2013, some more models come by the German manufacturer.
Planes and some small scale ships are out of the scope of this blog, so the list is reduced as following.

Russian Battle Tank T-90
Item no. 03190
Scale 1:72
Release Date: 09/2013

German Submarine Type IX C
Item no. 05114
Scale 1/72
Release Date: 11/2013

Item no. 03195
Scale 1:72
Release Date: 05/2013
Note than this one, seems to be the MACO model.

Sd.Kfz. 251/16 Ausf. C
Item no. 03197
Scale 1:72
Release Date: 07/2013
Italeri has re-released the old Esci set for this subject just some weeks ago.

M4A1 Sherman
Item no. 03196
Scale 1:72
Release Date: 06/2013

British Paratroopers, Falkland War
Item no. 02596
Scale 1:76
Release Date: 05/2013
The old Matchbox set come back.

As you can see, it’s a well bunch of scale models. Unfortunately no newer figure sets are in the scope of the company.