28mm – Red Box Games – Lesser Undead.

Lesser Undead

This will be the year of many first times.. and this is the first time about zombies…
They are from the excellent range by Red Box Games, they have 9 different undead poses within his Infernal range, called LEsser Undead.

For decorating bases i took care of and old Woodland Scenics cemetery, it’s HO scale, 1/87.. but it looks right, not ??

It’s a not very hard work, they have a beautiful detail… but almost wearing nothing.. so not many to paint. I used different skin tones just to get some variation to the ranks.

More nice Red Box Games figures will come soon.. ok.. not so soon, just this year.












1/72 Model Collect – 72007 – T-72B with ERA


The T-72 is a Soviet second-generation main battle tank that entered production in 1971. About 20,000 T-72 tanks were built, making it one of the most widely produced post–World War II tanks, second only to the T-54/55 family. The T-72 was widely exported and saw service in 40 countries and in numerous conflicts. Improved variants are still being built for export customers.

T-72B (1985)
New main gun, stabilizer, sights, and fire control, capable of firing 9M119 Svir guided missile, additional armour including 20 mm (0.8 in) of appliqué armour in the front of hull, improved 840 hp (630 kW) engine.

The T-72 design has been further developed into the following new models: Lion of Babylon tank (Iraq), M-84 (Yugoslavia), M-95 Degman (Croatia), M-2001 (Serbia), PT-91 Twardy (Poland), Tank EX (India), and TR-125 (Romania).


About kit:

It going very simple, like any kit of Modelcollect. Vinyl tracks of good quality.

The model as always was painted with acrylic paint, tinted oil paints and AMMO pigments.


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28mm – HassleFree Fantasy Humans (and a Undead Necromancer)

HassleFree Fantasy Humans (and a Undead Necromancer)

I painted some of my single figures to start the year. All are by Hasslefree Miniatures, and all, have an excellent detail level, beautiful movement and perfect proportions. These figures, are probably the best i ever painted.
They are intended to join my Kings Of War Human’s Army. Some will be Heroes, some other will be ranked as captains. And probably Taxxis will never play.. who knows, she can be a good mage too.

I did some artistic touch on pictures this time, but i also attach original ones.

Taxxis (B)
Taxxis (B)
Volk the Bastard
Volk the Bastard
Akos the Scorned
Akos the Scorned
Libby & Sabre-tooth Tigress
Libby & Sabre-tooth Tigress

A family picture with some other beast i painted too…


And the normal pictures.. (click on them to enlarge)

1/72 IBG – 72019 – Diamond T 972 Dump Truck

Some history:

he Diamond T was an American automobile manufactured in Chicago until 1911 by the Diamond T Motor Car Company. The name of company means: “Diamond” for quality and “T” for Tilt like name of owner Charles A.Tilt. Diamond T 4-tons 6×6 series truck introduced in production in early 1941 with 968/969/970 versions covered cargo truck, heavy wrecker and dump truck. Later chassis of this truck were used as universal platform for some special versions like asphalt tank, water tank, crane or snow plows. All versions of Diamond T trucks served in US Army on almost all theaters of Second World War and later to early 1950’s. Some versions of this truck were used by British, Canadian and Polish military units in Second World War too.


About kit.

Everything is fine. All neatly and accurately cast. Fit in perfectly. Added chain, pickaxe, shovel and replaced the mirror on the civilian version. I did a civilian version of the machine that works in the American heartland.


The model as always was painted with acrylic paint, tinted oil paints and MIG pigments.

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1/72 Model Collect – 72029 – E-75 128MM

Some history:

The E-75 Standardpanzer was intended to be the standard heavy tank to be used as a replacement of the Tiger II and Jagdtiger. The E-75 would have been built on the same production lines as the E-50 for ease of manufacture, and the two vehicles were to share many components, including the same Maybach HL 234 engine. The E-75 would have had much thicker armour however, and in fact compared to the Tiger II the E-75 had improved hull armour all round. As its name indicates, the resulting vehicle would have weighed in at over 75 tonnes, reducing its speed to around 40 km/h. To offset the increased weight, the bogies were spaced differently from on the E-50, with an extra pair added on each side, giving the E-75 a slightly improved track to ground contact length.

According to some sources, the similarities between the E-50 and the E-75 went further; they were to be equipped with the same turret and 88mm L/71 or L/100 gun, along with an optical rangefinder for increased long range accuracy. German scientists and engineers had successfully designed a Schmalturm, narrow-front turret and infra-red lighting and sights for use on the prototypes of the Panther Ausf. F as the war drew to a close. Other sources however, indicate that the E-75 was to be fitted with the much larger Tiger II turret, which could be adapted to accommodate an even more powerful high velocity 10.5 cm gun.

The original complex suspension by torsion bars was simplified with bogies. The standard Tiger II turret was equipped with 8.8cm KwK 44 L71 gun. The engine was an improved Maybach HL234 which had 900 hp.

About kit:

It going very simple, like any kit of Modelcollect. Vinyl tracks of good quality. This kit includes a metal barrel and photoetched parts.


Camouflage of this machine Invented by me, since the topic PW ’46 allows it. The model as always was painted with acrylic paint, tinted oil paints and MIG pigments.

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