The September Issue II (Landsknecht).

Also this month, i was able to end some fillers for my upcoming 2 arquebus horde, so this time this is part of my own Kings of War army.
There is a good mix of brands here, including Pro-Gloria (now Warlord) , Warlord Games, Reaper and Lead Adventure.

They are 3 fillers, who take the space of 14 figures, with only 5, so i save 9 miniatures to paint (which is not a bad number talking about landsknechts). It’s the first time i try to paint landsknechts, i’m looking for a 4-5 standard combinations for the whole horde, i guess i already have found 2 i like, so only a couple more needed.

Well, the fillers are as follow:

Pro Gloria (Warlord) – Handbuchse Light Gun. 11952952_10207340402925421_5421145879703132573_o
It’s taking the space of 6 figures, so is not a bad deal, and i love this team, so i wont to paint it. I got the master gunner and though was a nice addition here, as the Pro Gloria guys are not aiming the gun at all.. seems a blind shoot. Some hard to put all together, not much space, as all need to be close to the gun, and the master gunner over it. I needed to add a stone in the back and a wooden box (Lead Adventure) to properly hold all the figures, but i think result is not bad.

Warlord Games – The Marksman.
This is a beautiful figure i also liked to paint (The master gunner came in the same blister), but it have been some hard to emulate a landsknecht costume in this figure (around 100 years later), and the figure is not easy to paint. A lot of detail in the chest have very bad access for the brush. This filler save me 3 figures, as it’s on a 40x40mm base. Close to him is a Lead Adventure treasure chest (lovely piece).

Reaper – Anwyn, Female Bard.
This is a lovely figure by Reaper, metal range, although she is also available in Bones range. Again the “landsknecht” costume don’t fits 100% the figure, although this time i think it looks right. I purchased this figure thinking in the previous edition of KoW, when you needed musicians and banners as options of your units. Now they are merely decorative.
The big barrel and the sac (big) are from Lead Adventure, while the small barrels and the small sac are from Warlord Games (P&S Mule team).

The whole horde will look something like this:

A few pictures of all together, included a single Pro Gloria captain i already painted.







The September Issue (Dwarves).

Hi Folks, long time without publish anything there. I should remedy it.
I have literally thousand’s figures over the paint table. Everything started and just a few ended. Hope to start to finish some large parts soon. While this happen i already ended some single pieces, and eclectic mix, with a common factor, all are intended to play the fantasy game Kings of War, which is successfully running his second edition now.

First, i painted a few Dwarves for a friend who play with them. By one side i painted 3 females dwarves, who are part of larger unit, their captains. These figures are from the Tale of War (old) range.  They are nice sculpted, except, maybe, the faces. The pictures of the full units are not mine, are from the owner, you can follow all his work here (Spanish language)




11875088_881235165295017_9132138284305638709_o 11017494_883757738376093_8271619122889132170_o 11908926_883174781767722_4685158127874910408_o

And second i painted 2 single male figures, from the Reaper Bones range, who will act as Stone Priests in the game. I enjoyed painting the left ones, even if it’s Bones, it’s a nice figure, with and overall good presence. I already talk about Bones in the past, it’s not best material to paint, as well as it present less detail than their metal counterparts, but they are cheaper, very cheap indeed, so they always are an option to don’t waste your pocket and get what you want. Price/Quality rate make them very attractive.
Left one is code 77220: Herryk, Dwarf Cleric which also haves metal counterpart, while right ones is 77383: Barden Barrelstrap This is one will be released in October..
11952690_10207340136638764_6149188364881719343_o 11926052_10207340136238754_5400652144026778377_o 11957979_10207340136198753_2389099169819751744_o 11058199_10207340136158752_6123347481893865778_o