28mm The Assault Group – Ottoman Azabs (Azaps)

Ottoman Azabs (Azaps)

More reinforcements for the (large) Ottoman Army.. again some Azaps, this time by The Assault Group.
Paint this so irregular units is time killer, and more if they are a mix of weapons as is the case, bows, muskets and pole arms, plus the command figures.
The Assault Group still produces more figures for the Azaps, so here isn’t the full range.
Flag is by Wargames Designs.

28mm The Assault Group – Ottoman Tufecis

Ottoman Tufecis

Tufecis were albanian and turkish light infantry musketeers in formed units with some training, often used as Skirmishers. The Assault Group provides a nice range for them, with uniforms clearly inspired in an Osprey’s illustrations, and i tried to follow color patterns too. So we really hope Osprey did a good job researching that illustration :). Not all the figures provided by TAG can be seen here, as they also have a horse holders pack not included here.
This kind of uniform should belong then to a late XVII century or XVIII, making them a bit of too modern for other elements of the army.

28mm The Assault Group – Ottoman Ordinance Artillery

Ottoman Ordinance

The Assault Group produces an specific ordinance gun for the Ottoman Army (S-XVI/XVII) with two crew options packs, both depicted below. Most of the figures of the crews, are wearing a similar outfit to Levent range, with some caps variation.

Ottoman artillery was famous for the size of its cannon, and their number, from the highly mobile anti-personnel Abus gun to the massive Great Turkish Bombard, so it’s a bit of pity only one medium gun type has been addressed by TAG to his large Ottoman range. Despite this, guns are very nice modeled, with an intricate decoration on barrels, making them a very nice piece.

Hopefully more artillery will come in the future.