28mm The Assault Group – Cossack on foot

Cossack on foot

It’s the second time i paint these dudes, as they also were part of the Polish-Lithuanian army i painted some years ago.
This time i tried to keep a lower color profile and i think they turned out better, although the fucking varnish almost ruined the finish at the end. I really need to find a matte varnish of my taste, either The Army Painter or Vallejo produce a satin finish instead of matte. Very disappointing.
The Assault Group has a large and nice range for Cossack, although they are sightly smaller than other ranges. Figures are nice and well cast, only minor metal excess at some point.

28mm The Assault Group – Dismounted Tatars

Dismounted Tatars

I already painted some mounted Tatars years ago, so i happily completed the round with the dismounted version. It’s a pity that all the horses poses are the same, as well as had to base them on individual bases, avoiding them to really look as a dismounted unit.

28mm Warlord Games – Croat Light Cavalry

Croat Light Cavalry

I wanted to paint these guys long ago, but this project turned out bad since the begging, problems coating the horses, problems with the too slim horses’ legs (i even broke one, replaced by a TAG horse from the spare box). I don’t know, some miniatures turn out bad since the start, so i’m not very proud of the finish thing. Also i don’t think they are best Warlord Figures, faces aren’t good at all, and the horses are too delicate as i said. I hope to have a change in the future to back to this topic but using the TAG guys.