Well, first to say, is that we are not a brand, neither a store, neither a professional site. Also, we haven’t any entailment with any brand or store.
We are a personal site, made by several scale models fans, and hopefully, through years, we will have a nice and quite complete site, with scale models from the past & the present in several scales.

In the beginning our intention was only work around the 1/72-1/76 scale, but we also have interest in other scales and subjects, so 28mm, 15mm, 1/35, 1/48 and Fantasy subjects will be also aboard (although slowly).
The last one will be the approach to the Aircraft world…. in a far away future.

Do we money with this site ?
Ok, that was also an intention, but time has showed us that it’s quite improbable. The results offered from Ebay to purchase the products in such site, bring us some monthly earnings, as commissions, but they are low, very low, even if around 80-100 products are sold trough our site per month… so we pay the hosting charges and drink a couple of beers last month’s Friday, no more.


If you are an Ebay seller who wants to see your items listed here, the easy way is to include manufacturer name and product code on your ebay item, as it is the standard way to search from this site. E.g.: Esci 200, for the classic World War II British Soldiers Esci set.
Some specific products are searched by keywords such scale + product name, e.g.: 1/72 High Chaparral, to search this classic Airfix set. Be aware that this is not the first way to search products on this site. The search of products this way will be more time consuming.


Any contributions will be more than welcome. You can report errors, submit new sets, box or sprue images contacting us by email at: admin@1-72depot.com.
Even if you want to see your own painted models as example of a product, you can, your blog will be linked up to and a Copyright notice of your work will be include.

For any further information, feel free to contact us at admin@1-72depot.com.

If you like our work and wants to contribute you always can:

Buy us a coffee:

If you are a seller, store owner, manufacturer and so, who want to be advertised in this site, write us some lines at admin@1-72depot.com


4 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hello Sir, thanks for your interest.
      All the models showed in shop.1-72depot.com, are not owned by us, we (try) keep to date a scale models database and perform searches in Ebay offering such models. Unfortunately there isn’t a Chinese Ebay, so we cannot provide accurate results for your country, instead of this generic searches in Ebay.com are provided. Each Ebay seller has his own policies about shipping, so you must check his policies to know if the item will be shipped to Chine and which will be his shipping cost and total price. In the results provided under the product, you will find a link to the Ebay item, check it out there.
      Best regards.

    1. Remember we don’t sell anything, we just offer results from Ebay sellers, and you can always pay with Paypal in Ebay.

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