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1/72 Atlantic 1510 – The Greeks (Greek cavalry Set 1806)

This is the small box set of the Greek cavalry set 1510 that came with Chariot and horsemen. Set 1510 is available from Nexus as set ATL06

The Atlantic set contains one sprue in bleached orange plastic containing one chariot, two crew and 4 horses. No-one really knows if the greeks used chariots in warfare but this could be a battle taxi (to get the lord to the front line) or a racing chariot.

Basically the set is a bit of an historical mess..the hoplite style of armour doesn’t fit to the period in which chariots were used in warfare, and even then, the Greeks were principally a foot soldier army..


The set taken as it is, ignoring any historical mistakes, is ok.

Very little flash and the sculpting is finely done. Everything fits together well, no glue needed and the crew come with bases so they can be used independent of the chariot.

The box front cover (from my collection)


The set comes with build instructions on the back

Now for the set built and painted. As ever I have used Acrylics. The base is made from sand mixed with wood-glue and then dry brushed with sand brown acrylic. The traces (reins) I added. This was done using a sowing needle and some thread, I just pushed the needle through the place where the bit in the horses mouth is…;-) Close up, it can be clearly seen that the traces are thread but on the tabletop..they look fine. The actual set, how many traces were used is also unclear so i went for a full set per horse..difficult to imagine how the poor driver would hold them all in one hand wile holding the whip in the other but that´s his problem 😀

The set I have painted isn´t the original from Atlantic but a re-issue set from Nexus

I haven´t copied the box art...for one..I prefer my horse teams to be all the same colour.

The horses are nice sculpts. Each horse ahs a different pose and as a gruop they work well together


You can buy this set as Atlantic here, or as Nexus here.


Zvezda 1/72 8027 – Medieval Field Powder Artillery

This is a very nice set…a combination of figure painting and a bit of model construction. The set contains 10 figures, of which only two are repeats, the cannonier firing the guns., 2 cannons, a horse team and sacks, buckets, rams and ammunition boxes.

All the poses are natural and fit perfectly to the artillery pieces.

The guns themselves
Each gun fits together perfectly…no glueing required whatsoever. I advise building each gun before painting. This makes painting them a bit more complicated than painting each section individually but it will save a lot of annoyance when putting the parts together and seeing your paintwork rub off!! The wheels can be painted seperately and fitted last. Here I advise a prefit. The holes in the wheels fit very tightly on the axles..and it may be necessary to open them up a bit with the tip of a toothpick. When you finally fit them, add a thin film of vaseline to the helps to ease them on.

Veuglaire. A chamber loaded piece. It was aimed through use of the bracket, raising or lowering the barrel by putting a pin through the bracket, the rear end of the barrel would then sit on this pin.
Serpentine. It got it´s name from the long barrel (snake like) This is also a chamber loaded piece, the aiming is, like the veuglair achieved by means of the (in this case) double bracket. Like the veuglaire, the barrel of this model can actually be elevated or depressed!!
Ribauldequin. The machine gun of the period. A multi barreled weapon, this would be used in rows on the battlefield or placed in gateways to concentrate the effct of all the barrels being fired in one go. This model has 8 barrels, a shield to protect the crew and spears at the front..used to keep off attackers.

Now on to the rest of the set,

The crews…I have added the crews to the guns…I won´t make any comment about them, apart from they are all historically correct and a real joy, there are enough in the set to service every weapon!! 😀

All figures and weapons painted with acrylics. Basework, Mixture from sand and woodglue, with natural and synthetic decoration.


You can buy this Zvezda set here.

1/72 Orion 72039 Hussite War Wagon And Command

Orion 72039 Hussite War Wagon And Command

Another tiny review for one of the latest released set, this time the Orion Hussite War Wagon and Command, 72039 set.
First of all I must said than figures in this set have a high quality sculpture, and are a must be in any Hussite or Medieval army in our scale, but the set have other odds which don’t glad to me. The most important the lack of instructions to built the wagon, which haves around 35 parts, and just a one angle picture in the box’s back will be your only help.

Orion Hussite War Wagon built.

Hussite Wagons were covered time ago by MiniArt, but this new wagon from Orion have some better features, and also another odd, which is size. Figures are completely covered by the wagon wall, while this probably is more accurate it means than the figures you will be painting a couple of hours will be almost hidden. The best of the wagon is the wooden pattern, clearly visible in all pieces.

Comparative between Orion Hussite War Wagon and MiniArt's ones.

Another odd of the set is that Orion don’t managed new horses for this great figures, they just re-release one sprue of horses used in previous sets, which we must say are too small for the riders, as pictures show. I replaced them by some Italei horses, but just for the pictures, i don’t know which will be the definitive horses if i paint this set.

Orion horses aren't the best of this set.

Figures of the set depict three own named historic personages plus three figures including one horse standart and one driver for the wagon. The historic personages are Jan Hus, Jan Ziska and Prokop the Great.

Jan Hus (1369 – 6 July 1415) is who named the Hussites, he is the first actual Church reformer, prior to Luther or Calvin. Their defense and rebellion against Roman Catholics became known as the Hussite Wars.He died burned at the stake for heresy, something very common in that time.

The left figure represent Jan Hus.

Jan Ziska (1360–1424) was an Hussite Leader, probably the famous ones and is one of the four general in history who never was defeated. One of his innovations were the War Wagons which are a tank precursor 5 hundred years before. I recommend the lecture of the Wiki article, as he was a really impressive and important General who improved and changed the medieval warfare forever.

Prokop the Great (1380 – 1434) Another Hussite Command, who was the most prominent leader of the latter Hussite Wars.

Prokop in the center, Jan Ziska on right.

The last feature remarkable of the set are the couple of ox, which are not common in our hobby. MiniArt’s wagon use horses. Take care that real War Wagons were capable to acommodate 15 or 20 men, which are impossible with these two representations.

You can buy the set here.

1/72 RedBox RB72039 Hussite Infantry

1/72 RedBox RB72039 Hussite Infantry

Another of the newly released sets from RedBox. This one was released prior to last entry for the War of the Roses, and has been completely reviewed at PSR site, don’t miss it.

My figures haven’t the same plastic colour than the ones in PSR site, so they must be a second series, and once againg they show some less flash than in PSR, although more that the Men at Arms and retinue set.

This time you get 36 figures in 12 poses, plus 3 shields in three equals sprue.
One of the problem with the sprue are some of the weapons, is hard to know where the sprue ends and the weapon begin :D, so take care of this.
Sculpture is quite good and shields have been decorated in relieve so a hand painted scheme is affordable.
Another problem are gain mould marks, which cross some faces by the middle.

The hussite infantry has been covered previously for some other manufacturers, for comparission i took some pictures close to the MiniArt 72010 Hussites and the Orion 72019 Medieval Siege Troops which is not marked as Hussite but have a lot of hand gunners than can be used so.

As you can see in the pictures the three sets are quite compatible, so a great variation can be achieved to cover the subject. Only one of the three sets, the MiniArt ones, comes with two hussite wagons, although recently Orion have released a set which haves some nice figures and one hussite wagon.
I also included two Zvezda figures to show they are all quite compatible again. Medieval range seem to be a lucky ones, we have four manufacturers here and all figures are compatible, this not ever happen.

If i must choose one of the sets as the best, i can’t. All have odds and advantages. The MiniArt haves the two wagon, but at least my set, is plenty full of flash and mould problems, more than the RedBox ones. The Orion set have some very nice sculpted figures, but also tons of flahs, no wagon and not all the figures can be taken as Hussite infantry. So probably the best option is take the three. 😀
An excellent example of the MiniaArt figures can be found at mate Paul’s blog.

As the War of the Roses set this one shows the improvement made by RedBox, and i’m excited about the next release from this brand. It could be good if they reworked all the sets made for the Boxer’s Rebellion. A good subject very bad covered by their previous sets, or the Korean medieval army, also covered by their previous works.

If you want to take this set now, take a look here.

1/72 RedBox RB72040 Men At Arms and Retinue

1/72 RedBox RB72040 Men At Arms and Retinue

Is the first time i brought a RedBox set, after see the quality improvement they have done with their new medieval range,and i think they deserve this tiny review.
Set contains 30 figures in 10 poses, spread in 3 equals sprue.

In fact quality of the sculpture is far away from previous RedBox’s set, so this one must be in any medieval army in 1/72 scale. All the poses looks pretty well, and the amount of flash in my set is less than the showed at PSR site (i’m lucky). They still have some mould problems, as many of the figures are crossed by mould marks, specially faces, what is an important odd in paint process. Mould marks are harder to remove than flash, you will probably disfigure all the faces if try it.
The standard bearer is probably the worst figure, not by the figure itself, but the standard is quite usefulness, and hard to remove from the sprue. Better will be thinking in replace it for a self made flag, which is not so hard. The flag is so thick than figure can’t stand up by itself 🙂

Although it can’t be appreciated in pictures another fault is the figure taking an arrow from the ground, the arrow is almost so thick as his arm.

I’m not an expert in medieval period but all the figures looks correct to me. They look what they are, medieval knight and men at arms, ready to fight. The several archer figures contribute to the sensation of they are British men.

Figures have a size totally compatible with the high quality Zvezda’s range, so if you have a medieval army composed with the Zvezda’s set, this can be a good addition.

This one pass to the workbench, which is so huge at this moment than i’m not sure if they will be painted any time, as my medieval project is currently stopped.

Despite all the odds we are very happy to see the great quality improvement done by RedBox, we expect all the forthcoming releases will be in the same or greater quality, so we almost can say a “new brand” has born and we will be happy to purchase and work with their sets.

Don’t wait to get it, take a look here and choose the cheapest option.

Imex 1/72 502 Confederate Artillery

Imex 1/72 502 Confederate Artillery

Well, second entry for confederate artillery, painted in a more irregular style, as usually they are depicted. This time Imex 302 set, which haves 3 guns and one limber, instead of the 2 and 2 from the Accurate set. This set also comes with several infantry figures, which i reserve for future infantry bases.

Full review at Plastic Soldier Review, also you can purchase the set here. The officer also isn’t from Imex set, it comes from Accurate/Revell infantry set.

To be honest once again i’m not very gladded with final result, bases looks pretty well for gaming, but figures paint work isn’t my best. The one i loves the bounded old man seated on the limber, a great figure.

The worst faces details, aren’t too depth, so bad result achieved by washes / dry brush technique.

Horses are the same poses than the Accurate set, and also the figure riding one, but with some details added.
The fourth gun, on the limber (set only haves three) is a mix of an Imex body and Accurate barrel. Defends are from Accurate pioneers set and Imex ACW accessory. I must say Accurate artillery figures are a bit taller, and also guns are bigger, but quite compatibles. If i will paint Confederate artyllery some time it will be a mix of both sets, Accurate and Imex. (I still haves one of each.)

With this work i completes 5 guns and 2 limbers, which is enough to play by the moment.

Next ACW work will be Confederate cavalry, probably Imex and Gulliver ones.

1/72 Zvezda 8043 Roman Imperial Legionaries

1/72 Zvezda 8043 Roman Imperial Legionaries

Just one of the unique figures from this good set, painted as example for a friend.
I used as reference back box illustration.
Base is a 2 euro cent.

The set haves the standard quality from Zvezda, with some separate parts which allow some easy modifications on figures.
This set has 28 figures in Roman “testudo” formation, which can be extend with more sets.

A complete review as always at

1/72 Accurate 7204 American Civil War Artillery Team

1/72 Accurate 7204 American Civil War Artillery Team

A complete review can be found, as always at PlasticSoldierReview.
Set haves 18 figures, two guns and two limber with eight horses. I reserved one officer figure, and also just put one horse rider in the limber, as both are the same figure (Figure also present on Imex confederate artillery set, which is done by the same sculptor, i think). Also, i just painted one limber.

This set, also issued by Revell, is intended for both, union and confederate armies, although they look more confederates for me.
Bases are from and i pretend use them for two big armies for both sides.

Accurate ACW sets have one thing i like, proportion of the figures aren’t always the same, which looks more natural, as real life. an example, one of the seated figures on the limber, is clearly an old men, with belly 🙂 ! and gun crew also are men from different sizes.
By the way the set have some flash, but the worst is the lack of detail on some important areas as faces. In general, details isn’t quite depth, so after prime it’s difficult to see all, not good for a wash + dry bush technique.

Light grey is not an easy colour for me, but this time i’m gladded with result.

Base colour is Citadel “Fortress Grey”, washed with diluted black, and then, dry bush with “Fortress Grey” +White.

This is the first step to built two armies, to play with “Fire & Fury” and “American Civil War Battles” rules. So this year many ACW items will be show here.

1/72 ESCI 243 NATO Pilots and Ground Crew

Just two figures from this set, they are company for one gift i’m close to end, an Apache helicopter for a friend, although it’s not going well… things which fly are not for me, many problems with cockpit.
I know they are not very accurate as pilots for an Apache, but, i haven’t any other set of “modern” pilots.

2 hand painted figures from Set 1/72 ESCI 243 NATO Pilots and Ground Crew

Who know which could do mate Paul with them…

By the way, set is well detailed with a lot of interesting poses (20 different poses), all the set is reviewed here.

Italeri 6020 Mongols

Italeri 6020 Mongols

Complete set have 17 figures in 9 different poses, but only 8 figures in 8 poses come to me through an ebay auction.
Detail is quite good, some historical accuracy problems as you can see at review.

Recently Italeri launched another Mongols set, quite big that this, as lately is doing Italeri with all the subjects. They are painted for a project long time ago started, which is coming to his end, but i can’t say more now. Because this they are painted in two colours, green and blue, and better as much as they look more green or blue.

By the way i tried to use GW tips to paint gold armour, which is a bit more complicated than silver ones. For gold armours base colour is a dark brown, and gold over this. Silver ones are painted with the good Citadel range of silver colours, washed in black and highlighted with Mithril Silver. Always a good result. Better work can be done with gold ones.

Bases are 5 Euro cent coins.

Airfix German Infantry WWII

Airfix German Infantry WWII

My little tribute to this classic set, painting only bigger figures, compatibles with classic Esci and new Caesar’s sets, as reinforcement for my German army to play Disposable Heroes

The worst of the set, probably size of some weapons, although the man launching a grenade is a very good pose.

Complete set is 48 figures in 15 poses, but taken just bigger figures it is just 4 poses 15 figures.

I think today there are better sets depicting these men, appropriates for an early war army.

Hät’s Christmas’s Gift

For the end of the year and as a Christmas’s gift, Hät forum published on 23th, a new entry for the sprue test of two new sets.
The subject of the sets are the same , German army wagons, for the two great wars. Horses seems to be the same. It’s important don’t forget the important role of horses in both wars.

WW2 German wagon

© 1995-2010, HäT Industrie. All rights reserved.

WW1 German wagon

© 1995-2010, HäT Industrie. All rights reserved.

Figures quality seems to be a bit poor than other latest Hät’s releases, but as they are unmade before sets, they are very welcome. I haven’t info about release date for these sets, but we can expect second or third quarter next year. (i hope soon)

Also, Hät , releases a curious Holiday Greetings. I will try to follow some of that tips. 🙂

New Caesar Miniatures’s sets.

good news, more for WWII fans. Caesar announced on Saturday their release of four new 1/72 sets, three WWII and one for medieval (15th century.).

References are:

H091 European Knights, 15th Century
HB01 WWII Panzergrenadiers (Kharkov 1943)
HB02 WWII Panzergrenadiers (Ardennes 1944)
HB03 WWII German Panzer Crews

© Caesar Miniatures –

Panzergranadiers seems to be a continuation of their work with the H069 WWII German Army with Field Greatcoat. set

All four sets seems to have the usual Caesar quality, which is one of the best at market.About historical accuracy we will see what have to say If sets have the average tail as latest they will fit perfectly with older sets from Italeri, Revell, etc.

About Medieval one, best range (for me) is Zvezda’s ones, but Caesar figures are usually a bit smaller than Zvezda. We will see.

As i see still aren’t at shops, question of days, i hope. It’s a pitty Caesar site is not so good as their miniatures. No much info there.


Ykreol YK07 The Nativity

Ykreol YK07 The Nativity

An unique set, union of two Odemar’s sets, The Nativity and Jesus with home. The set depict a complete nativity plus adoration with the three kings. Plus, there is a St. Nicholas figure.
The sculpture is deep, making easy the paint work, and have and average good detail.
Is a difficult set to find, i purchased it through Ebay in a Taiwan’s shop.
I don’t know in other countries, but by this dates in Spain is very usual to find Nativity figures in shops, squares, and other public buildings commemorating Christmas.
I’m very pleased with this work, it allows me to play with different colours not usually used and also play with all range of Citadel’s washes. A better work with this set could be find here. Francisco’s work is always an inspiration.

You can buy this set here.

Scalling Down Figures

Some time ago i was trying to re-scale bigger 1/72 figures to make them compatible with my other sets.

I’m working in an ACW large army (slowly working), i decided to use Accurate/Revell and Imex sets, (plus Gulliver, A Call To Arms union regiments and HAT Zuaves which are a great range of poses and figures.)
I also get some Italeri sets.. but… they really bigger than the others…. 🙁 !!! which is a common problem in any scale… but this scale is soft plastic… 🙂

So.. i try it… i put some of the figures in a water glass and goes to the microwave… 1.45 – 2 min at 900w …

Some of the figures are now more compatibles… although the sculpture get some fat…

With some other figures it goes bad.. very bad…

I also makes this with the Union Artillery Set (Italeri), guns were very damaged, but figures were “well” reduced.

After this i probed with the second Italeri American Infantry WII , which is (a lot)more big than his predecessor and Caesar’s new sets. These figures weren’t affected at all. After many minutes at 900W they were exactly the same figures… 🙁

Somebody had tried to scale down figures in any way ¿?
My first think was a chemical reactive which will not affect sculpture… but i don’t know any about chemical processes…

Revell Africa Corps 02513

Revell Africa Corps 02513

Revell set is totally compatible with old Esci’s (also issued by Italeri and now issued by Revell) and with most old Airfix’s one. These three set also are compatible with the new Caesar’s one, but new sets releases by Italeri (DAK and Paratroops in tropical uniform) are 1 or 2 mm bigger. So if you are planing a DAK army, choose this 4 compatible sets and you will achieve a great pose range.
Revell sets have a lot of figures not very useful, like men carrying water and men drinking (also the one to seems be patrolling), but they comes with two great and complete (gunner + loader) MG42 machine guns, which is probably the most desiring from this set. This set also have two poses, the men with a grenade and the ones knelling with sub machine gun , which can be easily used as crew for guns as the next two pictures show.

Sd Kfz 250/10 with Revell crew
Pak 40 with Revell crew

Sd Kfz 250/10 (Esci) Revell crew & Pak 40 (Revell/Matchbox 1/76) Revell crew

I like the sculpture from this set more than ESCI/Italeri ones, proportions seems to be more natural, although ESCI have some good poses to act as sergeants for Pak or MG. The Airfix set could provide a wide range of figures firing, in very good poses.

A good set, but maybe it haves an excess of poses not very usable for wargaming, but nice as scenery.

Buy this set.

New Zvezda’s sets for WWII [UPDATED]

[UPDATED] This sets seems to be expansion sets for the start up set of new game system, Art of Tactic. As seems on pics at Zvezda site, there are a few more poses on start up set, but no images for all content of the package are available. The game system includes vehicles in 1/100 scale, and seems to be a board game, which have been released with a game for the Russian campaign in 1941.

Hi all,
I inaugurate this section with a comment about new Zvezda’s releases.
I don’t know very well what to think about this new sets, they are four in total, GERMAN INFANTRY 1939-1942 6105 and GERMAN MACHINEGUN MG-34 WITH CREW 1939-42 6106, and Soviet infantry 1941-1945 6103 and SOVIET MACHINEGUN MAXIM WITH CREW 1941-43. 6104.

© 2005-2010 “Zvezda”

Infantry sets haves 10 figures in just three diferent poses ! nothing new to existing sets, plus two bases and cards for the new game system. Machine guns teams are composed of two identical weapons with two crew each, in two poses. They are sets for wargaming, but… just three poses ? ten figures ? sounds almost like a board game !! , some board games have more poses.
Germany sets are for years 1939 to 1942 and russian sets are for 1941 to 1943, so it seems there will be more sets to cover all the war.
Figures seems to have same good quality as Zveda usual do, but so less poses and figures, i don’t understand this.

Pictures are from Zveda’s artist published in their site.

Accurate 7207 Hundred Years War Knights Of France

Accurate 7207 Hundred Years War Knights Of France

A nice and well detailed set, i have completed during these days my medieval collection with some sets from MiniArt, Zvezda and one from Orion.
Zvezda models are a bit bigger than rest, the major problem with MiniArt ones, wich are the smallest, and i’m gladded with Orion set, although it haves a bit of flash, sign of a bad mould, their sculpture is clear and nice, and there are some interesting poses.

I was looking some pictures from Osprey books, to take a idea about how to paint this, but after some tries, i decide to paint it free, as real shields and clothes for this period, have a lot of detail not easy to paint.
I still need a solution for shields, as they are flat as this moment. Zvezda sets have all the heraldry in relieve, so it will be easier to paint than this. We will see.

Hasegawa Mörser Karl CREW

Hasegawa Mortar Karl CREW

These hard plastic figures are from Hasegawa Mortar Karl sets, i got two sets for a while, but i re-sold them on Ebay (i have one “Karl” from “Hobby Boss” waiting on the wardrobe) but i remain the figures, as they have some good poses, not usual on plastic figures sets.
I have changed 10 heads, from an old italeri set, and some from a resin detail kit, and the result is quite good, except two strange poses, really bad modelled.
Although they are painted mainly with two Vallejo colours (German Field Grey / German Uniform ), different patterns of use, varying trousers, jackets, or all the figure in same colour, achieves a great result, with almost not two equals figures. The light of the colour also varying a lot depend on you wash with black or sepia.
These figures are a great complement for German army, ideal to be sergeants or officials, many of them wearing binoculars, or just to stand with vehicles.

Pegasus 7204 German Mortar Teams (Granatwerfer)

Pegasus 7204 German Mortar Teams (Granatwerfer)

5 Mortar
2 x 120mm Heavy Mortar Granatwerfer 42
3 x 80mm Medium Mortar Granatwerfer 34

23 Figures, 13 poses.

+Some munitions crates.

Pegasus German Mortar Teams

A great set, all the poses fit well his task, in a close interaction with mortar or between them. The figures have some separate parts, like harms, some head, etc. All parts fit well.
Almost are the figures are unique, although the poses are twice, the figures have different equipment on back. I also have added some Kar-98k rifles and two MP40 to complete the figures.
A very well done set, which cover the subject and fits perfectly war-gaming needs. His competitor from Armourfast hasn’t so hight quality on sculpture.
The 81mm mortar was used along all the war. The 120mm was a copy from Russian’s one , and was developed during 1942.
Added to the mortar crews, which are completes for each mortar, there are a radio team, in great poses, and an officer.

For reference and/or inspiration take a look at

Esci / Italeri / ERTL / Revell / WW II German Guns

Esci / Italeri / ERTL / Revell / WW II German Guns – Pak 35 – Pak 40 – Flak 38.

Another old set i wished on childhood, but never got it. Today, thanks to Ebay, it is on my hands !
In those times there are a lot of better choices for this subject, mostly for Pak 40 and Pak 36, but in his time, this set well covered the subject wasn’t so common. Italeri reissued it and also have their own pack 40 set, which haves better crew and some details as munitions.

The worst of this set, their instructions, and some of the crew, who are badly sculpted with bad proportions. Put the arms in the correct place is also a no easy task. About the instructions they only have one step, so is easy make a mistake although the models haven’t many parts.
All the crouched down figures are not good, heads have been replaced, but the arms were a head pain. By the other hand, the two figures who are on their feet are pretty nice.

Another lack on this set is the absence of any kind of munition, neither for the MG43 that i didn’t paint, and the only choice for the Flak 38, in transport mode. says instructions were cleared in the Italeri reissue.

I’m sure today there are better sets for this subject, but if you are a nostalgic as i am, you still can find this set on Ebay.

Italeri British Infantry [UPDATED]

Italeri 6056 British Infantry
50 Figuras
15 poses (13 stand up)

Another classic set form Italeri, re-issuing an Esci mould. The figures are a bit taller than her brother set 60033, but they look almost the same in a 40/50 cm range.

Two figures have been modified to become PIAT loaders.

PIAT "Loaders" modified figuresPIAT "Loaders" modified figures

I have imported two figures from Italeri British Commando, changing their heads, with a perfect pose to be Sargeants.
Italeri, British Commando, head changed.

All the gallery down the page.

As other times, i have to exploit my large collection of Citadel paints, so here is my Citadel paint guide for British Infantry, although i think the uniform looks too dark.

Italeri British Infantry PrintI put some figures in a base for serial work, a white spray primer. I know is old-fashioned, know i see a lot of figures primed in black and painted with drybrush techniques, not covering all the prime, but i can’t achieve a good result so, so i continue doing it my way.
Italeri British Infantry Primer
Italeri British Infantry Faces and handsI always use the same combination for flesh, Citadel Elf Flesh and then a wash with Citadel Ogryn Flesh (See last pics).
Italeri British Infantry Faces and hands
Italeri British Infantry WeaponsPaint weapons at the end, is bother for me, so i maKe it in this stage, taking advantage of black paint is in use i paint also boots.
Italeri British Infantry Weapons
Italeri British Infantry BeltingAfter weapons is time to paint all belting, helmet, hair and so on…
Italeri British Infantry Belting
Italeri British Infantry back belting
Italeri British Infantry back belting
Italeri British Infantry UniformThere isn’t a good colour for this uniform in Citadel spectrum but i go on with Citadel Dark Flesh. UPDATED Better with Bestial Brown, see last pictures down the page.
Italeri British Infantry Uniform
Italeri British Infantry Uniform backFor me , is easier to paint now the uniform, the belting is on relive , so is easy not paint over it. Some times i paint first uniform and then belting, but lately i’m painting always in this way.
Italeri British Infantry Uniform back
Italeri British Infantry EndedA wash with Vallejo Sepia Shade and some white drybrush (“bolt metal gun” for metallic helmets and weapons) and this is the result.
Italeri British Infantry Ended
Italeri British Infantry Ended backSome times i prefer see the back of the figures, as harms don’t disturb, the detail is usually best, and the paint looks better.
Italeri British Infantry Ended back

I know i’m not a great painter, but i enjoys a lot doing this and the result looks well in a wargame scenery

Gulliver Confederate Cavalry

Gulliver Confederate Cavalry

This treasure has been purchased through ebay, for a reasonable price of 12€ . This was the only set never made by this manufacturer. It has a great paint guide and a brief history, the set seems to be made very well. It’s a pity never made more sets, the sculpture and pose looks very nice. They have to wait to be painted and based, so i let the set pictures as a taste.




CAESAR H052- H053 German Infantry – German Panzergrenadier SET I – II [UPDATED]

Both sets are nice and well detailed. Easy to paint.

Caesar H053 German Panzergrenadier SET II

The set have 11 different poses, 10 stand up, all in the following photos. The uniform try to be the Sumpfmuster 44 widely used in 1944 and 1945. The detail for this uniform is available at Artizan designs.

Paint Guide

Uniforme Sumpfmuster 44 Uniform
Citadel Vermin Brown + Vallejo Model Color German Cam. Dark Green 70979 + Citadel Vomit Brown + Vallejo Sepia Shade 73200

Airfix Afrika Korps

Airfix 01711 Afrika Korps

48 Figures
15 Poses.

This set has been forgotten in a box during 15 years or more…

Airfix is not usually my favourite brand, many sets have no so good sculpting as other manufacturers, such ITALERI or Revell, but this set is a nice exception. The detail is quite good in this set, all figures looks proportionates, and covers well their subject.
I have based it for games such Disposable Heroes.

Six stand poses, front

The figures looks too dark, i continue learning. The pictures depict all the 12 stand poses of the set. they are mainly painted with Citadel colours, although there are some Vallejo model colour.

ITALERI 6046 American Infantry

Re-issued Esci mould (Plastic Soldier Review Set 206 U.S. Soldiers)

Another ESCI-ITALERI classic set, fit perfectly early war years, Africa and Italy campaigns. Some proportions looks strange in some figures, although they fit her German brother ITALERI 6033 and new Caesar sets. Some weapons are also out of proportion. Machine guns and mortar team are not well detailed, although mortar have a nice charger, ready for a shoot.

ITALERI 6046 Infanteria americana

ITALERI 6033 German Infantry

A classic set from ESCI, re-issued by ITALERI. The figure size is fully compatible with the new Caesar´s sets and with his American brother from ITALERI (old ESCI).
Some poses are missing, as gun loaders and mortar loader (The mortar has not tripod too), and some other looks too flat, but quality is good overall.
Radio looks not realistic, most of it by the antenna.
A set which fits with early years of the war.

ITALERI 6033 Infanteria alemana