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Willys Jeep, Tamiya 1/48

Although I’m a 1/72 modeller I like to “upgrade” from time to time, and build 1/48 scale models. This allows me to apply some weathering techniques that are difficult to achieve in smaller scales. I wanted to build a Jeep, and since Dragon last offer it is said to be more 1/76 than 1/72, I decided to go for Tamiya. This Jeep is not marketed alone, but in a box full of G.I.s, and is called “WWII US Army Infantry at rest”. It was not the soldiers that I was after, but “the light vehicle” inside.

The Jeep is very easy to assemble, like most of Tamiya vehicles. Still, it doesn’t have an engine (like its counterpart from Hasegawa). For extra-detailing I bought Hauler’s photo-etched set, but you can build a beautiful and accurate model straight out of the box.

The only thing I scratched were the gear levers and knobs, as the ones from the kit were too thick. After the assembly, I sprayed a few layers of Olive Drab from Vallejo Model Air. Before the decals I applied a coat of gloss varnish.

After sealing the decals with flat varnish, I started the weathering process, from the top to the bottom. I used mainly oil colours, as I find them very easy to work with. For the areas with more dust, and simply added more white paint to the mix. I applied the undiluted colour in small dots, and then, with a larger brush soaked in solvent, I brushed it on the surface.

In conclusion, I had a lot of fun building this kit. Very easy to assemble; and, besides the Jeep, you receive a lot of other “goodies” in the box: soldiers, weapons, barrels, fuel cans and various luggage items. Highly recommended!