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15mm News – Wargames Factory German Later War Company.

Prior to the release of the first set in 28mm for the genre, Wargames Factory released their first set ever done in 15mm, for this popular subject, thanks to the well know game Flames of War.

This is a great new for the 15mm gamers, a new brand is in the market, which always is good. Set includes 84 single part figures plus bases, but bases seems to not be FoW compatibles. Figures looks quite good and they represent a well bunch of weapon including Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck.

Recommended price for the set is $19.95.

The set is available in our utility here.

The question for us is… a set in 15mm, another in 28mm… When the 1/72 scale set ??? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!