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News from 1/72 scale model world.

(NEW) TOPOL SS-25 “SICKLE” 1:72 ZVEZDA – 5003 – InBox Review

TOPOL SS-25 “”SICKLE  Russian Ballistic missile launcher.

The RT-2PM Topol (Russian: РТ-2ПМ Тополь (“Poplar”); NATO reporting name SS-25 Sickle; GRAU designation: 15Ж58 (“15Zh58”); other designations: RS-12M Topol)[3] is a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile designed in the Soviet Union and in service with Russia’s Strategic Rocket Forces.

The three stage solid propellant RT-2PM Topol is an improved mobile ICBM which replaced earlier outdated missile complexes. It emerged from the same line of development as mobile missiles such as the RT-21 Temp 2S and the RSD-10 Pioneer, and was deployed as a replacement for the widely deployed UR-100. The United States considered developing their own road-mobile ICBM called the Midgetman, but the program was canceled with the end of the Cold War.

Development of the RT-2PM was approved on July 19, 1977 and carried out by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology headed by A. D. Nadiradze. Flight tests were conducted on the Plesetsk test site from February through December 1985. The main problem that had to be overcome during this period was the development of battle management system. After the first test series was successfully conducted in April 1985, with the first regiment with Topol missiles put on alert in July 1985. Throughout this time work continued on improving the battle management system. The test missile firings were finally completed in December 1987. The first regiment of “Topol” missiles employing a modernized mobile command center (in the area of Irkutsk) were put on alert on May 27, 1988. After Nadiradze’s death in 1988 Boris N. Lapygin continued his work on the Topol missile.

A little bit about the box contents and quality.

The box itself is very large. As if 35 scale. Crazy amount of parts for 72 scale (309). Great quality. No burr and sink marks. Detailing is very good. Pleased even the presence of cables, molded integral detail. This will simplify the addition model details. The model has two versions of the assembly in the stowed position and launch.

Very nice wheels. On the photos I tried to show in more detail some interesting details. The only pity is that the box has only container but does not have the rocket missiles. It would be very epic assemble the model at the time of its launch, with clouds of smoke from the wool))))))

As a result, we can say that the model came out great. I hope the company “ZVEZDA”  continue the series of strategic and tactical systems of the Soviet Union: REDUT, ISCANDER…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Model can be found in Ebay at good prices, take a look here.



Something moving in Poland…

Well, as for sure many of you know, this year, 2014, is the 75th anniversary of the start of the Second World War. Considering his start as September 1939, with the German invasion of Poland, although certainly other events preceding this data advocate Europe and World to war.
Is interesting, to have a brief idea, take a look at this Timeline in the WikiPedia.

But for our today’s proposal, we don’t wish to start any controversial, the Second World War started on 1st September 1939, at 4:45 a.m, is not our scope give any history lesson, so if you are interested on this, for sure you can find thousand of references in Internet, with different points of view about the conflict, facts, numbers, consequences and so.

We wish to talk today about a military genre, poorly covered in our favourite scale, 1/72, during decades, The World War II Polish Army, and overall, the early stages of the Second World War, from the invasion of Poland to the ‘Fall Gelb’.

FTFlogoWe will start talking about “First to Fight”, a commemorative publication raised in Poland, which also issue a related 1/72 scale model with each number, they have the support from IBG for the production and by now 5 numbers have been issued:

First to Fight – 05 – Polish TK3
First to Fight – 04 – SdKfz. 265 Panzerbefehlswagen I Ausf. B
First to Fight – 03 – C2P
First to Fight – 02 – Pz.Kpfw. IA
First to Fight – 01 – Polish TKS Light Tankette

And many more are to come, including an infantry figure set, a topic which previously, was only covered by the infamous Hät set, so we expect a lot of this range.
Their quality is good, although they are “fast kits”, and the models issued to the German Army are also very interesting ones. Another fact about this models, is his very cheap price, which make us wonder by an Italeri (ESCI) mould used for decades is so expensive, or Revell, or the worst case, Airfix.

To show how this models looks like, we specially lithe the excellent work done by Artur Wałachowski. To see more, a contest is spotted in the brand site, here.

First to Fight – 02 – Pz.Kpfw. IA - Painted by Artur Wałachowski
First to Fight – 02 – Pz.Kpfw. IA – Painted by Artur Wałachowski

First to Fight – 01 – Polish TKS - Painted by Artur Wałachowski
First to Fight – 01 – Polish TKS – Painted by Artur Wałachowski

At this point we must cite brands such S-Model, already doing a nice effort for early war subjects.
Previous to this one, only RPM have a decent range for the Polish Army.
To end with the scale models, we wish also to mention ACE, who has released a 37mm Polish AT Gun wz.36 and two early French army topics, 3,5t truck AHN and S.A. Mle 1934 25mm anti-tank gun.
So as you can see, the list is slowly growing , and we want more.

scibor-logoSo, with so many model ahead, more figures are needed !!!, while we wait for the First to Fight’s infantry set, some other are taking care of this gap. Scibor Monsterous Miniatures, a well know manufacturer of fine and impressive 28mm fantasy figures, has started an historic line, in 1/35 but also in 1/72 scale, dedicated, by now, only to cover the Polish Army.
By now they have 4 references (in 1/72 scale):

1×72 Polish Officers 1939 Set #1 72HM0008
1×72 Polish TKS Tankette Crew Set #1 72HM0003
1×72 Polish TKS Tankette Crew Set #2 72HM0005
1×72 PolishCKM Wz 1930 with Crew Set #1 72HM0006

In their immediate plans, Polish infantry 1939 and drivers for Polish Fiat 508 and C2P artillery tractor…

Scibor - Wz 1930
Scibor – Wz 1930
Scibor - Polish Officers
Scibor – Polish Officers

Scibor, we want Stanislaw Sosabowski in 1/72 scale !!! It’s indispensable to play a Bridge Too Far game.

And that’s all for today, we want more of this early war coverage, for our taste, operations during the invasion of Poland, also the ones during the operation Fall Gelb, can be very interesting for games, so more Polish, French, Dutch and Netherlands troops are needed !!!
We will keep an eye on further developments by Scibor, and each issue of First to Fight is added to our listing in the database section.

Caesar news. [UPDATED]

The next batch of releases by Caesar is here.


They comprise the following sets:

H077 – German Soldiers with Tank Riders
H082 – Counter-Terrorist Elite Forces
H086 – Dismounted Crusaders
H087 – Medieval European Knights 13th Century
H088 – European Medieval Foot Soldiers and Archers

The next batch of release will be the expected multi-part figures by Caesar, a new feature by this brand. This batch seems to be whole dedicated to German WW2 troops.


Seems that the multi-part series is already in some stores. They are:

CMH7211 German Infantry
CMH7212 German Paratroopers
CMH7213 German Afrikakorps
CMH7214 World War II German Panzergrenadiers
CMH7215 World War II German Panzergrenadier (Kursk)
CMH7216 German Panzergrenadier (Normandy 1944)
CMH7217 German Panzergrenadiers in Capes

More Revell novelties for 2013.


Plus the already announced releases for the early 2013, some more models come by the German manufacturer.
Planes and some small scale ships are out of the scope of this blog, so the list is reduced as following.

Russian Battle Tank T-90
Item no. 03190
Scale 1:72
Release Date: 09/2013

German Submarine Type IX C
Item no. 05114
Scale 1/72
Release Date: 11/2013

Item no. 03195
Scale 1:72
Release Date: 05/2013
Note than this one, seems to be the MACO model.

Sd.Kfz. 251/16 Ausf. C
Item no. 03197
Scale 1:72
Release Date: 07/2013
Italeri has re-released the old Esci set for this subject just some weeks ago.

M4A1 Sherman
Item no. 03196
Scale 1:72
Release Date: 06/2013

British Paratroopers, Falkland War
Item no. 02596
Scale 1:76
Release Date: 05/2013
The old Matchbox set come back.

As you can see, it’s a well bunch of scale models. Unfortunately no newer figure sets are in the scope of the company.

Airfix announces for 2013.

Airfix announces for 2013.

Not many for our favourite scale, but there a few of nice addition.

Two nice buildings, depicting ruined houses. They are marked as Italian houses but we are sure they can be used in any European theatre.


The other new release in our scale is a nice ground set for aircraft lovers.



Some re-release of old sets also will be available.
The complete list can be browse here.

Revell Announces for First Quarter 2013

The last newsletter by the brand comes full of announces for the next year, with some great news in our favourite scale and some oldies coming back to life. As soon as the new sets be available we will update the Ebay utility with those sets.

First the new sets,

03194 StuG 40 Ausf. G

Well, another StuG never disturb, if not an original subject, for sure Revell quality will bring us a nice option for this subject, one of the most famous tank hunters during the Second World War, produced in a wide range of versions.
Expected Release date 04/2013
No. of parts 149
Length 94 mm

03199 Stridsvagn 122A / 122B

The Swedish Stridsvagn 122A is an export version of the Leopard 2A5. It differs significantly from the original with additional full armour on the vehicle front, bomblet protection for the turret roof, modified side skirts and a GALIX smoke grenade launcher system. The Stridsvagn 122B version has additional mine protection which is also included on the Leopard 2A6M.
Is the first time that this one is released in our scale.
Expected Release date 02/2013
No. of parts 168
Length 134 mm

05119 US Navy Skipjack Class Submarine

Bad news for the Moebius’ guys, who already have this one in their range. Which was an exclusive model, now have two options to choose, and for sure the Revell ones will be a high quality set as the Moebius is.
No. of parts 135
Length 933 mm
Expected Release date 03/2013

05211 Search & Rescue Vessel BERLIN

For 25 years Revell and the DGzRS (German maritime search and rescue service) have been involved in a special partnership. It all began with the model of the then ultra-modern sea rescue cruiser BERLIN. From then on every Revell model kitsold has supported the important work of the sea rescue service. During this time over 100,000 Euros have been collected.

Built 1985 (commissioned)
– 1-piece hull
– Detailed decks and superstructures
– Rails and protective mats
– Radio mast with radar screen
– Upper control position with detailed equipment
– Two water cannon fire extinguishers
– Three ship’s screws
– Detailed tender on after-deck

2 Authentic decals:
– DGzRS Berlin
– DGzRS Hermann Helms
Expected Release date 01/2013
No. of parts 208
Length 382 mm

And two figure reissues:

02507 Japanese Infantry WWII

These are good news for the Pacific theatre, together with this year re-release of the old Matchbox Japanese forces now you can put together this interesting set by Revell, both are quite compatible.

02501 Australian Infantry, WWII

Commonwealth reinforcements to fought the Axis in the Africa Campaigns. Nice figures coming back from the past.

Also some helicopters, planes, small scale ships and cars have been announced, so fro further information about this take a look to the Revell’s site.

All images copyright © Revell.

Hät – New batch of releases.

To end the year Hät is close to release a new batch of excellent sets.

In our favourite scale they are:

8174 Brunswick Cavalry
8175 Wurttemberg Cavalry
8197 Prussian Hussars
8237 Zulu War British Inf
8248 El Cid Spanish Command
8249 El Cid Moorish Command
8279 Nap Mounted Officers
8299 Zulu War Brit Command
8304 Napoleonic British Command

Some of them long time waited, as are the related to Zulu Wars. All have an excellent looking, but some features catch our attention, as for example the existence of separate heads, even one set show figures without head. This can cause some problem as glue don’t take very well this figs, but are a nice detail to achieve more variety.
Also the sculpture for the “El Cid” related boxes haves a superb appearance.
Napoleonic fans also will be very happy, a well bunch of related sets are in the list.

Also they will release two sets in the 1/32 scale, not in the scope of this blog.

Note than the sprue shots correspond to a test stage, so could happen some changes with the final released product.

All the images are copyright © Hät and are showed in their site. Some test painted figures also are showed there, but, in our honest opinion, some of the test painters are not to rise the quality of the figures.

Minairons Miniatures

Located in Barcelona a new brand raise the field of battle with two clear objectives in mind, Spanish Civil War and Wargames.

Their first official release is an excellent fast-built package with 3 models inside and some built options, as are the two turrets available for the Pz I inside the box.

The Pz I were issued to the Nationalist side during the Spanish Civil War where they show their large lacks and usefulness for the battle. Even this, their were largely used during the invasion of Poland and in the  “Fall Gelb ” operation, which ends with the invasion of France, Belgium and Holland.

So this first release have more uses than the Spanish Civil War. Although this first steps of the WWII are not the preferred for games, they are very interesting and a well bunch of models and figures are available for this stage of the war, although many gaps still need to be properly filled, as the Polish army, the Netherlands army, Belgium or even the BEF, which lately are receiving reinforcements in the way of small Zvezda boxes, very appropriates for this period.

Decals also include Kuomintang Chinese option.

The box contains decals and paint schemes, together to clear instructions, important detail even if  it is a fast-kit built. Unfortunately the pre-order option through Ebay has gone away, so by now, our utility is not very useful to buy this model.

For the future, some other Spanish Civil War vehicles will be produced,  some of them only in resin and smaller series, as they only have a value for the Spanish Civil War, which unfortunately hasn’t many followers over the Spanish frontier.

Metal figures are also in they scope, we will see, as their partnership with Falcata has been suspended by now.

Although this first release is in our favourite scale, 1/72 – 20mm, some other scales will be threatened shortly, 15mm with 1/100 scale vehicles and they will try, if things goes well, with the bigger 28mm scale.

As in any business, starts are hard for small miniature makers, so we hope this adventure goes well and see what this brand can achieve in future, we follow with special attention this brand because we also are Spanish and thinks that the Spanish Civil War needs a better coverage than the one suited till now, by polemics brands such BUM.

Supporting this adventure, some distributors has signed with the brand, by now they are Caliver Books – Partizan Press in the UK, Waterloo 1815 in Italy and The Hobby Den in Ireland.  In Spain they will be distributed by Atlántica Juegos and excellent store located in my own town, Madrid.
Sure more dealers will be announced soon.

The next announced set is a resin piece, the Bilbao Armoured Car, shown here as 3D drawing.


As far as we know, they are using modern technologies such 3D Printing and 3D Design to make real their models, showing another example of how these techniques are getting stronger if not the strongest in the scale models world.

The brand don’t discard to go over other historic periods, which sure will be a great new and sign of their success.

Official site of the brand is which is in construction by now, but you can follow their updates through their blog here.

Our best wishes for Minairons guys.

The painted models shown below were painted by Ruben Torregrosa ( as commissioned work for  the promotion and box art of the brand. All the images are copyright of © Minairons Miniatures.

German LeFH 18. 1/72 Sets with crew

Although some other manufacturers have this gun in their range, only three of them provides some kind of crew for it. From past to recent they are Revell, Zvezda and now the new Armourfast ones.

Left: Armourfast Center: Zvezda Right: Revell

It was the standard divisional field howitzer used by the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. It was designed and developed by Rheinmetall in 1929-30 and entered service with the Wehrmacht in 1935.
LeFH 18 was developed in 3 different versions, the LeFH 18, LeFH 18M (1941), which incorporates a new muzzle brake and the recoil system adjusted to allow the use of a more powerful charge and new long-range shell and finally the 10.5 cm leFH 18/40, mounting the gun on the carriage for a 7.5 cm PaK 40, additionally, a more efficient muzzle (which also upgraded some of the 18M version).

Revell 02515 German Artillery.

Revell model was the first to appear, in 1995. Set is an excellent show case of the Revell’s better works in our scale. The two guns included in the set, depicts the early LeFH 18 gun, without muzzle, and with pressed steel wheels, although it comes with a full horse limber, a missed good opportunity to include the wooden wheels. Set also have a full crew for the firing gun and a lot of excellent extras, such munition, helmets and so. Instructions are clear enough and guns have a very good detail, taking care that they are made in soft plastic.
As other times an excellent full review can be found at Plastic Soldier Review site.
This Revell model is also usable for the Spanish civil War, as this early version was shipped to Spain as part of the Condor Legion.

Zvezda 6121 – German 105mm Howitzer with Crew

The Zvezda’s set only comes with two crew men, which maybe is good for their gaming system, but not so good for other purposes. Figures have the usual good quality of the brand, but their are just two. Gun is depicted in the box as the 18M gun, the muzzle brake is clearly visible, but it looks more like the 40 version, although this muzzles also upgraded some 18M versions in the late war. Which definitively seems to be a 40 version is the carriage and wheels, which looks to be the Pak 40 ones and the modified wheels designed just for this gun, some taller than the Pak 40 ones, but smaller than the other LeFH 18 versions. Figures seems to be to classic German soldiers, more appropriated for the early war, but the gun is the last version, appropriated for the late war, so at this point Armourfast crew could be good for the Zvezda’s gun.
Plastic is quite rigid, instructions are easy and gun is mounted with just a few parts.

Our mate Cristian Florescu made an excellent review about this set in the Braille Scale Discussion Group.

Armourfast 89001 LEFH 18 Howitzer 105mm

The Armourfast version seems to be the real 18M ones, taking care of the muzzle shape. I’m not sure about the wheels, maybe this time they are wooden spoked ones ?. Crew figures are probably quite good, details are very good, and maybe the discussion could be around the poses itself. For my taste the quality of these figures are better than previous Armourfast figure set, they are hard plastic and looks pretty well. They need glue to fix the multi-part, this allow no plastic excess at any point and flash is non existent, have mould lines, but are easy to fix. These figures are all wearing anklets, a late war feature.
Instructions come in the box rear, they are clear enough to build the gun.

Figure comparison, Armourfast crew are thicker but well detailed
Zvezda figures close to the Armourfast officer. Both quite compatibles.

So 17 years after the Revell’s launch, their set continues to be the most complete ones. Not only by the excellent crew, it also comes full of munition and boxes and the complete limber. Although soft plastic is an odd. The new Armourfast ones is clearly oriented for wargaming environment, but we though it’s a great product for this purpose, 4 crew men per gun, robust, and shape detail in figures. Also we like the style of these figures, discussion about the poses apart. Zvezda ones is a product which don’t gets happy to much people, 2 crew is a joke and detail level of the gun also is nothing special, a wargaming product less useful than the Armourfast, even if sculpture in the figures is better. Both sets lacks of munitions, boxes and so, which is a pity.

With the three sets seems that we have the three LeFH 18 versions available for our armies.

Minor faults are present in all the sets, which have a quite simplified detail, the worst in the Armourfast could be the absence of a sight, and detail missing in the lower shield. The most ugly in the Zvezda’s ones is the gun itself, you may drill and drill to get this muzzle looking well. Also you may drill the Revell’s and Armourfast’s ones. Zvezda and Armourfast are the most robust, as correspond for wargaming models.


What we miss now is a decent winter crew for these guns, to combine with all the leFH 18 available in the market, such for example the ACE ones, with 18M and 40 versions. Note than the box illustration for the 18M comes without muzzle, which is incorrect. Also some resin manufactures have the LeFH 18 in their ranges.
A set in the way of the recently released Orion Russian Artillery Crew could be welcome for the German guns.
By the way , we also recommend to take a look to the excellent MMS material, such this.

Armourfast team at full.

28mm News – Wargames Factory

28mm News – Wargames Factory launches their first World War Two set. German Infantry Platoon (Late War)

Good news for 28mm World War Two lovers, Wargames Factory has released their first set for the subject, the German late war Platoon.

Set includes 30 multi part figures + 30 round bases. Arms, heads and weapons are separated. Also some of the equipment is separated, but the way they do it,most of them seems difficult to interchange.

Figures seems to have a quite good quality. Recommended price for them is $19.95.

Set is available in our utility here.

Airfix 2012 New Range

Airfix has announced his new range for 2012 year.
Not very good news for the Braille Scale lovers, we can only mention 3 interesting novelties:

Two new buildings,

A75011 – Narrow Road Bridge Full Span

A75012 – Narrow Road Bridge Broken Span

(Both marked as 1/76)

An a new AFV,

A03310 – King Tiger Tank Also marked as 1/76

No new figures in our scale…
Also there are some new planes and new 1/48 stuff.

2011 Activity Report

To start the new Year we make a resume of the past year.

During 2011 we have published 75 post, including 32 hand painted models which can be found here. For this new year we hope to achieve the 100 hand painted models and retake the activity with the Altaya’s collections.

Also during 2011 we gave a welcome to some collaborators, and we have a new one for this new year, now they are who are making grow our site with their quality works.

Year 2011 was also the year to start our adventure with the Ebay utility, trying to make easy for all of us locate that sets that never arrive to our favourite store and maintain a database about the 1/72 scale world, excluding all the flying things 🙂 and minor resin or metal manufactures.
Still there is a lot of work to do with this part of the site, a lot of products to add and some features to debug. Our objetives for the new year are the Period and Tags navigation and also add the Games Workshop figures and the Flames of War range for those who love this 15mmm rules.

Numbers for the past year have been as follows.

37.601 Visits
27.142 unique visitors
137.440 page views

Ebay Searcher.
9.297 visits
7.345 unique visitors
28.899 page views

*Before October the stats were together with the blogs.

The search also report to us 287€, used to pay the hosting also to reward our collaborators, our objetive for this new year is multiply this number by 2.

“Cupa Cetatii” (The Citadel Cup) modelling contest

Last weekend I attended my first modelling contest since I’ve started this hobby. It took place in Alba Iulia, Transylvania, with a wonderful preserved historical relics. A good place to exhibit historical miniatures.

The city of Alba Iulia hosts a modelling exhibition every year, but this was the first time a contest was also organized. It is an opportunity for the modellers throughout Romania to meet and exchange impressions. The organizers, a very passionate team from Alba, also invited modellers from Hungary and Italy.

Some pictures from the exhibition (through the courtesy of AMA modelling association):

I participated with four models, three in 1/72 scale and one in 1/48 scale. To my surprise, many of the most valuable models were displayed in the “out of the contest area”. Maybe that’s why I was lucky to go home with three awards.

I would like to congratulate the organizers (AMA modelling association) and all the participants. I hope this event will turn into a beautiful tradition.

by Florin David

Tomás Castaño 1/72 Figures. WWII and Spanish Peninsular War.

Today i meet the excellent Spanish sculptor Tomás Castaño, in the past he works with Andrea Miniatures, and today he owns his own company and site at , but the most interesting for us is that he sculpted some beautiful 1/72 figures.

Late WWII German Infantry (5 poses)

At some time these one were released by Almogavers Figures.

Spanish Line Infantry – Spanish Peninsular War (Spanish Independence War) (21 Poses)

This figures were released time ago under Falcata Miniaturas brand.


News – Hät new releases.

Already on marketplace Hät have released a new large batch of sets, with some very interesting additions, from Colonial to WW2 through a couple of WWI sets.
Details as test shots can be found in Hät page,

Released sets are as following:

8191 Zulu Warrior
8235 WWI Highlanders
8236 WWI Indian Infantry
8262 German Tank Riders
8263 Russian Tank Riders
8264 British Tank Riders
8265 US Tank Riders
8271 Dervish Warriors

My personal interest goes to Colonial and WWII ones, which seems to have the excellent sculpture quality which Hät is lately showing, and cover some subjects hard to find in other ways (Preiser and some of them are depict for first time). We don’t want to discuss here if German troops were riding tanks to engage in combat, but as many pictures show sure it occurs in other moments, and the same for US and British troops, it was very common to ride a tank for transport and also they can work great to populate other vehicles such half-tracks.
About the WWI Indian infantry I guess they can be used as colonial troops for early 20th century or very late 19th. We will wait to Plastic Soldier Review comments to know more about this.

The 4 non WWII sets haves the same problem, they are 32 figures in 4 equal sprue, with only 8 poses, without command, NCOs, bearers or so. So they are a bit repetitive. $ tank riders’ sets have 44 figures in 11 poses, including 2 tank crew (half figures) and a great variety of weapons and officers, so they look more completed sets.

Pictures at Hät.
WW2 US Tank Riders
WW2 British Tank Riders
WW2 Russian Tank Riders
WW2 German Tank Riders
Dervish warriors
Zulu Warriors
Indian WWI Infantry
WWI Highlanders


Latest announces and releases.

A large bunch of new Caesar’s releases, pictures are available at Caesar’s site.

H057 – Modern Israeli Defence Force
H060 – Modern British Army
H062 – Modern German Army (Bundeswehr)
H074 – WWII Late War German Army
H075 – WWII Italian Paratroopers
HB04 – WWII German Army with Camouflage Cape
7207 WWII German Krupp Protze Personnel Carrier Truck
7208 WWII German Sd. Kfz.10/4 with 20mm Flak 30
7209 WWII German Sd. Kfz.10 with 50mm Pak 38

Zvezda have released a new piece for the Art of Tactic game system.

6137 Soviet Reconnaissance set , which haves 4 excellent figures in this first time covered subject for our scale.

A very good news for WW2 and Modern fans, although they will took a couple of weeks or so to be available around the world. !

1/72 Orion 72039 Hussite War Wagon And Command

Orion 72039 Hussite War Wagon And Command

Another tiny review for one of the latest released set, this time the Orion Hussite War Wagon and Command, 72039 set.
First of all I must said than figures in this set have a high quality sculpture, and are a must be in any Hussite or Medieval army in our scale, but the set have other odds which don’t glad to me. The most important the lack of instructions to built the wagon, which haves around 35 parts, and just a one angle picture in the box’s back will be your only help.

Orion Hussite War Wagon built.

Hussite Wagons were covered time ago by MiniArt, but this new wagon from Orion have some better features, and also another odd, which is size. Figures are completely covered by the wagon wall, while this probably is more accurate it means than the figures you will be painting a couple of hours will be almost hidden. The best of the wagon is the wooden pattern, clearly visible in all pieces.

Comparative between Orion Hussite War Wagon and MiniArt's ones.

Another odd of the set is that Orion don’t managed new horses for this great figures, they just re-release one sprue of horses used in previous sets, which we must say are too small for the riders, as pictures show. I replaced them by some Italei horses, but just for the pictures, i don’t know which will be the definitive horses if i paint this set.

Orion horses aren't the best of this set.

Figures of the set depict three own named historic personages plus three figures including one horse standart and one driver for the wagon. The historic personages are Jan Hus, Jan Ziska and Prokop the Great.

Jan Hus (1369 – 6 July 1415) is who named the Hussites, he is the first actual Church reformer, prior to Luther or Calvin. Their defense and rebellion against Roman Catholics became known as the Hussite Wars.He died burned at the stake for heresy, something very common in that time.

The left figure represent Jan Hus.

Jan Ziska (1360–1424) was an Hussite Leader, probably the famous ones and is one of the four general in history who never was defeated. One of his innovations were the War Wagons which are a tank precursor 5 hundred years before. I recommend the lecture of the Wiki article, as he was a really impressive and important General who improved and changed the medieval warfare forever.

Prokop the Great (1380 – 1434) Another Hussite Command, who was the most prominent leader of the latter Hussite Wars.

Prokop in the center, Jan Ziska on right.

The last feature remarkable of the set are the couple of ox, which are not common in our hobby. MiniArt’s wagon use horses. Take care that real War Wagons were capable to acommodate 15 or 20 men, which are impossible with these two representations.

You can buy the set here.

New Zvezda German 20-mm anti-aircraft gun FLAK-38

News form Zvezda, for Second World War.

A new set for a German 20mm anti aircraft gun and crew.
I think this set is also for the Zvezda game system “Art of tactic” recently released. We can expect more news in following months for this game.

I haven’t a pic of the content, so only box showed, but we can expect the usual good quality from Zvezda.
As the box advice about no glue required it seems to be a fast kit in soft plastic.

This subject was very good covered by ACE, but without crew, so this new one is very welcome !

New Hät sets, January 2011.

HÄt seems to be the most prolific manufacturer by this time.

Past week, Hät’s forum showed pictures for two new sets test, Natal Native Contingent and Carthaginian Veteran.
They looks fine, although pictures haven’t much quality. Face’s details aren’t appreciable, but some poses and outfits look great, never done before, on colonial ones, subject which i like specially. I don’t know nothing about Carthaginian armies, so i can’t opine.
I hope to see them soon on stores. !

Natal Native ContingentCarthaginian Veteran

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Hät’s Christmas’s Gift

For the end of the year and as a Christmas’s gift, Hät forum published on 23th, a new entry for the sprue test of two new sets.
The subject of the sets are the same , German army wagons, for the two great wars. Horses seems to be the same. It’s important don’t forget the important role of horses in both wars.

WW2 German wagon

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WW1 German wagon

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Figures quality seems to be a bit poor than other latest Hät’s releases, but as they are unmade before sets, they are very welcome. I haven’t info about release date for these sets, but we can expect second or third quarter next year. (i hope soon)

Also, Hät , releases a curious Holiday Greetings. I will try to follow some of that tips. 🙂

New Italeri releases December 2010

More good news for this month.
Italian manufacturer Italeri has released 3 new 1/72 set, all very interesting for wargaming.

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A set with two tents and a well, very suitable for African scenery, but also for other terrains and an open range of ages.

Cod. 7518 SHERMAN M4 A3 Fast Assembly Kit

Two Sherman M4 A3. It is a fast kit, we will see about the quality, i likes the Half-track set, but Sherman M4A2 is not so good… I hope at least it will have some more quality than the Hät’s set for this subject, but still Hät has a wider range of Sherman.


A total of 61 different antitank obstacles. These sets always are welcome.

By the way, Italeri’s web is a bit better than Hät and Zvezda ones, so you can see pictures of the sprue in it.

The ends of the year seems to be plenty of good news for 1/72 scale. We want more !!!!! 🙂

New Caesar Miniatures’s sets.

good news, more for WWII fans. Caesar announced on Saturday their release of four new 1/72 sets, three WWII and one for medieval (15th century.).

References are:

H091 European Knights, 15th Century
HB01 WWII Panzergrenadiers (Kharkov 1943)
HB02 WWII Panzergrenadiers (Ardennes 1944)
HB03 WWII German Panzer Crews

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Panzergranadiers seems to be a continuation of their work with the H069 WWII German Army with Field Greatcoat. set

All four sets seems to have the usual Caesar quality, which is one of the best at market.About historical accuracy we will see what have to say If sets have the average tail as latest they will fit perfectly with older sets from Italeri, Revell, etc.

About Medieval one, best range (for me) is Zvezda’s ones, but Caesar figures are usually a bit smaller than Zvezda. We will see.

As i see still aren’t at shops, question of days, i hope. It’s a pitty Caesar site is not so good as their miniatures. No much info there.


New Zvezda’s sets for WWII [UPDATED]

[UPDATED] This sets seems to be expansion sets for the start up set of new game system, Art of Tactic. As seems on pics at Zvezda site, there are a few more poses on start up set, but no images for all content of the package are available. The game system includes vehicles in 1/100 scale, and seems to be a board game, which have been released with a game for the Russian campaign in 1941.

Hi all,
I inaugurate this section with a comment about new Zvezda’s releases.
I don’t know very well what to think about this new sets, they are four in total, GERMAN INFANTRY 1939-1942 6105 and GERMAN MACHINEGUN MG-34 WITH CREW 1939-42 6106, and Soviet infantry 1941-1945 6103 and SOVIET MACHINEGUN MAXIM WITH CREW 1941-43. 6104.

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Infantry sets haves 10 figures in just three diferent poses ! nothing new to existing sets, plus two bases and cards for the new game system. Machine guns teams are composed of two identical weapons with two crew each, in two poses. They are sets for wargaming, but… just three poses ? ten figures ? sounds almost like a board game !! , some board games have more poses.
Germany sets are for years 1939 to 1942 and russian sets are for 1941 to 1943, so it seems there will be more sets to cover all the war.
Figures seems to have same good quality as Zveda usual do, but so less poses and figures, i don’t understand this.

Pictures are from Zveda’s artist published in their site.