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28mm – MOM Miniaturas – Scenery – Altar of skulls (Altar de craneos)

Altar of skulls (Altar de craneos)

MOM Miniaturas (in the case some one doesn’t know them yet) is a Spanish brand with a nice (and growing) Fantasy and SCI-FI range in 28mm as well as some bigger bust. If you don’t know their ranges i recommend to take at look at their site.
Their sculpture is very characteristic, you recognize the sculptor hand in every single piece, and prices are good too. They work in resin, casts are clean enough, as always happen with resin some bubble is possible, but they have an exigent quality program, so you shouldn’t receive a bad cast piece never.
I have other pieces at my stash but i decided to paint for first time from this brand a nice Skull’s altar scenery piece. It’s always a pain when the showcase paint from the brand is very good, as is the case. Anyway i’m quite happy with final looking. Nothing very special done, main skull, painted as a stone skull, was done with airbrush. I did a try about use some snow flock as they show, but finally i removed, so base looks as my usual ones. To give it some more area i used an old (virgin)CD as base.
I hope you like this work i did for a friend, and to rest a bit of the large Ottoman commission.

Italeri 6087 Walls and Ruins – For my vignette

My current project is a King Tiger from SS-Pz.Abt.503, who fought in Berlin in the last days of the war. I picked up Revell’s Tiger II, as it is one of the best 1/72 kits out there.

I thought to make a little vignette also, and when I came across this set from Italeri, I knew it will save me a lot of time.

In the box there are two sprue of brown-yellow plastic, with many useful stuff: different type of building walls, bricks and sacks. For a little vignette like mine, I will use about half of it, so plenty will remain for future projects.

And this how it looks together with the tank and some figurines from Zvezda.

In conclusion, this is a lovely set, quite affordable and a real time saviour for those who don’t have the time or skills to scratch build walls and ruins. You can buy the set here.

African House

This pretty model could cover a wide range, from medieval Saracens to African world war II, even modern desert warfare. Is my first building, bit i’m satisfied with result. The sand bags are from an Imex ACW Accesories, and the structure for the canopy is made with wire and milliput. Is painted with Citadel paints, and some Vallejo Sepia Shade wash 73200. I thinking in use another kind of paints to save some money. I don’t know the manufacturer of the house, is a resin model, purchased on “La Flecha Negra” by 14€. A great complement for my Airfix Africa Korps


How to make trees

Woodland Scenics trees. Those are from 5 to 7,6cm. A bit small for 1/72 scale, but they look nicely as small trees and bushes.

Woodlan Scenics TR-1121

There are 57 trees, maybe too much, in three diferent sizes.

Detail Woodland Scenics
The branches are quite flexible and easy to manipulate, achieving a good appearance.

Woodland Scenics

They are at Hobbies Guinea

Clump Foliage CLUMP FOLIAGE DARK GREEN. The 500 gr bag is enough for at least 20 trees.

Put white glue (like Elmer’s Glue) on trees, and then put clump foliage covering they. You can drop the tree into a bag full of clump foliage, but after this sure you must fulfil some gaps.

Done tree
Done tree
Done tree
Done tree

Apply shadows or lights to achieve more realism. The result is quite good, unless they look fragile.

Done trees

A best option is take natural branches from a dead tree, with a good appearance.

Natural tree branches

The result is quite good and get a lot diversify.