Italeri – 6197 – La Haye Sainte Waterloo 1815 – BATTLESET

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La Haye Sainte Waterloo 1815 – BATTLESET

Unassembled and unpainted plastic and MDF playset in 1/72 scale of the famous La Haye Sainte farm in the Waterloo 1815 battle field, including French and British plastic soldiers.

La Haye Sainte farm had a central and crucial role in the battle of Waterloo. It was defended by around 400 British and German soldiers (although history always have given all the merit to the British soldiers) and they stayed for a full day repealing several attacks from the French soldiers, in superior number. Eventually they just retired in the evening (June 18, 1815) because the lack of munition to keep fighting. This was a precious time to allow Prussian army to arrive to the battle field and sign the famous Napoleon’s defeat.

This Italeri playset combine several kits already seen before. La Haye Sainte farm is made of pre-cut (laser cut) MDF parts, has been released in previous playsets and also stand alone. Rest of the contents are different plastic soldiers/figures from already released sets by the brand as follows:
1 x Italeri – 6016 – Napoleonic French Imperial General Staff (Full box, 8 foot figures and 13 mounted figures, in 5 and 7 different poses each.)
1 sprue from Italeri – 6083 – Napoleonic British 95th Regiment (16 foot figures in 16 different poses.)
1 sprue from Italeri – 6095 – British Infantry 1815 (16 foot figures in 12 different poses)
2 sprues from Italeri – 6066 – Napoleonic French Infantry (32 foot figures in 16 different poses.)
1 sprue (half box) from Italeri – 6041 – Napoleonic British Artillery (Ex ESCI ESCI 233 British Artillery) (2 guns with 2 different barrels, one of each and 8 crew figures in 4 different poses)
1 sprue (half box) from Italeri – 6135 – Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Artillery (Ex ESCI ESCI – 234 – Napoleonic French Artillery) (2 guns with 2 different barrels, one of each, and 8 crew figures in 4 different poses. )



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Italeri La Haye Sainte Battle of Waterloo 1815 Modellbausatz mit Figuren Maßstab 1:72

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