MPC / Airfix – 1-1920 – Shuttle Tydirium (1/89)

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Shuttle Tydirium

Scale Model from “Star Wars – Episode VI: Return of the Jedi“, originally tooled and released by MPC in 1983. Eventually same kit was released under MPC/Ertl, AMT/Ertl and Airfix brands and is the only model kit of its class, left apart a Revell toy like 1/106 snap fit kit. The kit never was assigned to any scale in particular, the 1/89 scale is an approximation calculated by fans.

To our eyes, the Shuttle Lambda-class is one of the most beautiful and impressive starships of the Star Wars franchise, and both Fine Molds and Bandai later, missed the opportunity to make it into an impressive model in 1/72 scale.

Once build, the MPC kit turns into a big starship of around 42cm x 31cm (Height x Width), which is quite big and can be even bigger with wings open as in flight mode. The model consists of just 62 plastic parts, which means a very sparse interior detail, and several external things like guns or engines could had been done better. Anyway is a valuable kit with lot of possibilities for the more skilled builders and also can turn into an acceptable depiction for the fans and not so skilled builders.



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