ACE – 72463 – French Wheeled APC (4×4) M-3

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French Wheeled APC (4×4) M-3

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a French Panhard M-3 armoured car, an amphibious wheeled armoured personnel carrier developed privately by Panhard for the export market, reusing chassis and components from the Panhard AML. The car was produced from 1971 to 1986 in over 1800 units with a large list of operators, especially in Africa and Middle East, where the car have seen action in numerous conflicts such.

Kit includes PE (photo-etched) detail parts, rubber wheels and decal sheet with four interesting markings, including Spanish marine corps, Iraqi army 1991 and United Arab Emirates and Nigerian army under UN flag during the operation “Restore Hope” in Somalia, 1993. Kit includes a large sprue full of delicate and small parts, making this kit not recommendable for beginners.

This kit replaces the older and out of production ACE – 72411 – Armoured Personnel Carrier (4×4) M3 or the variant ACE – 72414 – Panhard M3 with TL-2i Turret.



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Französischer gepanzerter Personentransporter M3 auf Rädern (4x4) gepanzerter Wagen 1/72 ACE 762463

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