Probably our biggest gaps since we started this site, have been the ESCI 1/72 Military Vehicles section. ESCI started production during 70’s , and through his life collaborated and released under other brands, such Revell, Hasegawa, AURORA, ERTL, AMT and others. The most important collaboration/partnership was with ERTL, the famous series 8300. Joining Series 8300 (ESCI/ERTL) and Series 8000 (ESCI) it cover the full catalogue, and that’s what we list here, avoiding other releases, both series numbers will be showed when possible, and we will threat both series as simply ESCI, using the better image available of any series.

Nowadays a well bunch of these kits are still available through Italeri brand, and from time to time old boxes appear at second hand/private retailers.

For a comprehensive information about ESCI we refer to you to our friend site Henk of Holland.
Esci-Ertl History (Page 1) – Catalog covers, kitnumbers, box lay-outs 8300 series
Esci-Ertl History (Page 2) – Box lay-outs 8000 series
Esci-Ertl History (Page 3 – Esci under other labels – Revell/Esci (H2300 series), Esci/ERTL, Esci announced but never released, Esci/Humbrol, Esci/Polistill/Armor, Esci/Polistill, ERTL/Esci, Esci/AHM, AMT/ERTL, Esci/Aurora, Esci/Soldat, Esci/Hasegawa, Esci/GunzeSangyo, Esci/Alby
Esci-Ertl History (Page 4) – Dioramasets and kits with figures included