4D Model / 4D Puzzle Model.

Under this quite generic designation there is a whole world of Chinese scale models in 1/72 scale (or quite 1/72 scale) which goes from copies (of lower quality) of Caesar or Zvezda products to original kits which goes from toys to easy kits quality, mostly split in two brands, named 4D model and 4D puzzle model, unclear to us if they are the same brand or different ones, and/or if more brands are involved behind these products.

Several of the models offered under this generic designation became very popular, mostly by two factors, they achieved an acceptable degree of accuracy for an 1/72 scale model, and they have an affordable for everyone price.

In between the whole convolut of things that you will find below, it’s of special interest the Soviet Missile & Radar S300 series, Topol, and several of the trucks which show a quite good detail, with just few parts.

It’s chaotic identify all these products and that’s the main reason we rejected to add them in our regular categories section.

Before you buy anything from the products shown below, we encourage you to, one, don’t buy those who are Zvezda or Caesar copies, if you doubt about which are those products, drop us some lines to email on contact section and we’ll help you, and two, check one of the following reviews about these brands products, so you will be sure about what to expect from them before buy:

Mini AFV Blog holds a well bunch of things to see about this brand by different authors, judge yourself:
4D Puzzle Model 1/72 S-300 PMU SAM TEL 5P85D (by M.Kerem Özkır)
4D Puzzle Model 1/72 30N6E2 Tomb Stone Illumination and guidance radar for SA-20 Gargoyle (by Erhan Atalay)
4D Puzzle Model 1/72 RT 2PM Topol SS-25 (completed) by Kerem Özkır
4D Puzzle Model 1/72 RT 2PM Topol SS-25 (first page) by Kerem Özkır
4D Puzzle Model 1/72 U.S. Cougar 6×6 MRAP Vehicle (by Kerem Özkır)
4D Puzzle Model BTR-80 Armored Personel Carrier (by Kerem Özkır)

4D Model 1/72 Kfz.305 Opel Blitz (by M.Kerem Özkır)

On The Way! also have some interesting review about these kits:
S-300 PMU/2, 30N6E2 “Flap Top B” Preview by Peter van Kempen

1/72 Multiverse also took a look to these brands:
4D Puzzle Models
4D Quick Build Models
And several other models from the most recent ones, follow his 4D Quest.


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