Waterloo 1815 – AP041 – Napoleonic French Foot Dragoons

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Napoleonic French Foot Dragoons

This box contains 52 foot figures in 13 different poses. The set is very generous in the number of figures, 52, but it hides a format of one single sprue repeated four times, with 13 figures each, including 3 command figures each, so you end with four equal drummers, four standard bearers and four officers, 12 figures in total to command the remaining 40 figures.

The rest of the set is organized in a very traditional way, with a mix of firing, marching and advancing/charging figueres, with different proportions for each. It includes a very nice pose of a kneeling man firing a pistol, which you also get x4.

All the poses are excellent, as the sculpture is and the casting is, just little blurred by the weird proportions of the numbers of poses.


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