Accurate 7207 Hundred Years War Knights Of France


Accurate 7207 Hundred Years War Knights Of France

A nice and well detailed set, i have completed during these days my medieval collection with some sets from MiniArt, Zvezda and one from Orion.
Zvezda models are a bit bigger than rest, the major problem with MiniArt ones, wich are the smallest, and i’m gladded with Orion set, although it haves a bit of flash, sign of a bad mould, their sculpture is clear and nice, and there are some interesting poses.

I was looking some pictures from Osprey books, to take a idea about how to paint this, but after some tries, i decide to paint it free, as real shields and clothes for this period, have a lot of detail not easy to paint.
I still need a solution for shields, as they are flat as this moment. Zvezda sets have all the heraldry in relieve, so it will be easier to paint than this. We will see.


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