Airfix – Gun Emplacement

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Mid 90s playset with both British and German paratroopers. Same content with different box was also issued in the 2000s.

Gun Emplacement

Another iconic Airfix piece, extending the Atlantic wall defenses together with the Coastal fort. It usually was packed with the British and German infantry boxes, and in early stages, with polypropylene vehicles in an inaccurate mix. The kit itself, though inspired in the German Atlantic wall is a toy class model and not an accurate real model of anything.

One of the several box layouts used for the Gun Emplacement Assault set during 70s.

This set and the brother Coastal Fort had a quite similar life, released in the late 60s were both released as stand alone fort and as part of the “Assault” series, Gun Emplacement Assault set, this set was released one year before as Beachhead. The early playset releases included also the early types of both British and German Infantry figure sets but in the initial Beachhead it was composed of the British Paratroopers and German Infantry.

In difference to the Coastal Defence set, after the Assault series in the 70s the Gun Emplacement kit has not been issued as part of any of the bigger D-Day commemorative sets for both the 60th and 70th anniversaries, but was released as standalone for the 70th anniversary.

A sample of the Gun Emplacement finished.


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