IMAI – B-1441 – Gerwalk Valkyrie Conversion Type

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Gerwalk Valkyrie Conversion Type

Model kit based in Macross anime franchise universe, released with the occasion of the Macross: Do You Remember Love film released in 1984. IMAI created a “combo” kit under the label “Conversion Type” including parts to build A,J (Mila and Max too) and S valkyries in its battroid shape.

The kits used in this box were:
Imai – B-1234 – VF-1S Roy Focker Special – Battroid Gerwalk Valkyrie
Imai – B-1233 – VF-1A Standard Gerwalk – Battroid Gerwalk Valkyrie
Imai – B-1228 – Battroid Gerwalk Valkyrie VF-1J

This kit was released in the sunset of IMAI before bankruptcy one year later, is a very hard to find kit and later was released also under BANDAI brand.



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