Arma Hobby – 70015 – PZL P.11c (Expert Set)

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PZL P.11c
(Expert Set)

  • plastic parts – completely new tool, metal moulds
  • photoetched parts with minute details plus canopy and wheel masks
  • Techmod decals with markings for 4 aeroplanes from 1939 Campaign

Colour and Markings options

  • PZL P.11c, 113. Fighter Squadron from Warsaw, in 1939 in the Pursuit Brigade. Airplane of 1st Lt. Hieronim Dudwał (4 victories in September 1939). Before the war the airplane armed also with wing MGs, removed in 1939.
  • PZL P.11c after new camouflage tests in the Aviation Technical Institute. In 1939 assigned to one of the squadrons of the Pursuit Brigade. Crashed near Pułtusk during operational sortie.
  • PZL P.11c, 131. Fighter Squadron from Poznań, in 1939 in „Poznań” Army. After encirclement by the Germans on 17th September 2nd Lt. Henryk Bibrowicz (2 victories) and 2nd Lt.  Lech Grzybowski (2 victories) flew this airplane to Małaszewicze airbase and left there. After the war outbreak squadron marking on the fuselage and national markings on the wing upper surface overpainted.
  • PZL P.11c, 141. Fighter Squadron from Toruń, in 1939 in „Pomorze” Army. On 2nd September on this airplane, during attack against German motorised column, was shot down and died Cpt. Florian Laskowski, III/4 Wing Commander.


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