Matchbox – PK-108 (4018) – Westland Aerospatiale Lynx

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Westland Lynx

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a Westland Lynx multi-purpose helicopter.

Matchbox tooled this kit in 1974, when the real Westland Lynx was still in a pre´production phase, officially didn’t entered service till 1978, and final early production variants had several differences with the prototypes and with the version depicted by Matchbox, specially very noticeable the three windows in the door, rather that one bigger and other differences. Around 13 prototypes were build and some of them were operatively tested.

With this in mind, Revell did some corrections in the moulds when re-released this kit under code number 04409 in 1992, resembling more to the production versions.

The kit has a spartan cockpit, two pilot figures are supplied. Also suffers of the engraved panel lines. Included a decal sheet with two markings, one for the Royal Navy, anti-submarine role and one for the British Army Air Corps, transport helicopter.



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