Trumpeter – 07190 – German Leopard2A4 MBT

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German Leopard2A4 MBT

Unassembled plastic model kit in 1/72 scale of a German Leopard 2 tank, variant 2A4, the most widespread variant, manufactured between 1985 and 1982, featuring digital fire control, fire and explosion suppression system and an improved turret with titanium/tungsten armour amongst other upgrades. Both newly manufactured and converted from older variants units were upgraded to 2A4 standard.

Initially 2A4 were operated in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland (own manufacture under license) but in the 2000s both Germany and Netherlands reduced stock and many Leopards were sold to other countries like Spain, Turkey, Greece and more.

This kit is a classic Trumpeter kit, with tracks and road wheels simplified in one single part. Also the upper hull part has moulded in many of the details, including pioneer tools. This simplifications keep the total number of parts low, just around 50, making the kit suitable for any degree of experience though the more experienced modelers would prefer a more complex kit.

Decal sheet includes one marking for German army.


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