January 19th, First update of the year 2020.

Hello Folks.
Two major listing have been added since we wrote our last “updates” news in December.
Firstly we added to our Aircrafts and Helicopters sections, a manufacturer well known by reissue other brands kits, and that’s the reason to add it, it’s another choice to find some gone kits from manufacturers like Revell, Italeri amongst others. It’s MisterCraft and we added close to 190 references, matching their current store catalogue. Sadly their kits are also gone quickly, so if you was looking for something, and it’s available, don’t think too much and buy, most probably it’s a good quality kit, as it will belong to other manufacture range. At this point the best place we know to track the history of a kit, it’s Scalemates.

Also on the Aircraft side, we just added Kovozávody Prostějov a Czech manufacturer, associated brand with AZmodel (already listed here) , we added 94 references, matching their current store listing (we need to recover few missing entries yet, sorry). They are usually nice and easy kits, and you will find some very specific references that you will love, sure.

On the nostalgic side, we added the full 1/76 vehicles listing by JB Models, as sure you know, this brand was purchased many years ago by the Hornby group (Airfix) and their kits were issued under Airfix brands. We realized that some of the Airfix references are not so easy to find, while seems that still people has lot of original JB Models boxes in their stash, and availability in Ebay is good in most of the cases.

What else.. 3 nice coming kits by UM:
UM – 486 – Panzer 38(t) with 7,5 cm KwK 40 L/48
UM – 273 – Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M Tank
UM – 239 – BT-7M Tank

2 more announced by ModelCollect (totally unsure about when they will be available)

ModelCollect – UA72323 – MT-LB 9A35 strela-10 AA missile launcher
ModelCollect – UA72324 – MT-LB 9p149 Shturm-s AT missile launcher

A beautiful surprise by Special Navy (Special Hobby navy line) , a new full 1/72 submarine, Special Navy – 72004 – CV 707 Vesikko “WWII Finnish U-Boat”.
Also from Special Hobby:
Special Hobby – 72407 – Potez 25 TOE

And Eduard seems to never have enough MiG-21. Two nice Profipack editions:
Eduard – 70144 – MiG-21PFM (Profipack)
Eduard – 70141 – MiG-21MF interceptor (Profipack)

The 3 expected Sd.Kfz 7 variants by Orange Hobby are really close to appear on stores. (Some people is really disappointed by their tracks.)
Orange Hobby – G72-206-88 – Sd.Kfz.7/2 37mm AA Gun Flak 36.
Orange Hobby – G72-205-88 – Sd.Kfz.7/1 20mm Flakvierling 38 (Early Type).
Orange Hobby – G72-202-88 – Sd.Kfz.7.

That’s all by now guys, stay tuned, some delayed releases from past year, and some new things from this new year, will be appearing shortly, we’ll try to update as soon as possible.

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