January 2021, 1/72 Scale News.

1/72 Scale Vehicles.


Added a missed entry in Revell catalogue, Revell – 03278 – Char B.1 bis + Renault FT.17 , just a re-issue of a re-issue of a Matchbox kit.

Added missed entry Fujimi – ML24 – Ground Self-Defense Force 1/2t truck V17


Dragon keeps re-issuing and upgrading kits. New announces are:
Dragon – 7233 – AAVP7A1 Ram/RS with EAAK (Re-issue, expected for March 2021)
Dragon – 7206 – Sd.Kfz.171 PANTHER G LATE VERSION And update of same code number kit, which was released with a metal diecast lower hull, and now it’s updated to full plastic kit. Expected for March 2021.
Dragon – 7205 – Sd.Kfz.171 PANTHER G EARLY VERSION , as the above one, an update of the same code number kit, but without lower hull diecast metal, replaced by plastic. Expected for March 2021.
Dragon – 7400 – 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division + Kingtiger Henschel Turret This kit join the figures of two previous kits, in a single one. Expected for March 2021.
Dragon – 7629 – Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J Final Production (Unconfirmed when it will be available)


We have fully reworked Revell vehicles section, improving image quality for the boxes, as well as the relations between the kits and the original or previous releases of same kit, specially with Matchbox. Revell will have some nice novelty shortly, coming from the ex Toxso models moulds, as well as lot of re-releases of previous kits are expected for this year 2021.

And to pair things to above Revell update, we also cleaned a bit Matchbox listing, updating couple of bad images, and adding both code numbers used for kits during its existence. Surprisingly (or not) Matchbox had so great production and distribution that most of the kits are still available today in not bad conditions (except decals) and most of them by affordable prices, considering they are collectors pieces.


The new ACE kit, ACE – 72448 – AMX VTT French APC is here.

Two of the new Revell kits coming from ex-Toxso moulds never released before, would be very close to arrive. They are:
Revell – 03316 – Sd.Kfz. 138 Marder III Ausf. M
Revell – 03315 – Sturmpanzer 38(t) Grille Ausf. M


Attack Kits very close to release two new kits, Attack Kits – 72939 – PHÄNOMEN GRANIT 25H PROPAGANDAWAGEN continuing with their successful line of Granit 25H cars, in a very interesting variant and Attack Kits – 72934 – HUMBER ARMOURED CAR MK. III BRITISH ARMY AFRICA & ITALY starting a new line of Humber armoured cars which at least will have another release shortly.


Revell keep teasing us with coming models, as happen with the new Revell – 03314 – PT-76B , another ex Toxso tool, never released till today. It’s a great addition since this little amphibious tank had not great coverage in our hobby. The model is expected for next month.

Together with the new Toxso models, Revell will be re-releasing several of the old 1/76 Matchbox kits again. Seems the first one will be Revell – 03289 – Humber Mk.II

Trumpeter has released some ago a new T-10 variant, A, Trumpeter – 07153 – T-10A , we missed this but it’s added now.


Dragon will be releasing next month an interesting kit, mainly because is the first time a major brand is directly distributing 3D printed parts. The kit in question is a Dragon collaboration with Lexa Models, Dragon x Lexa – 7677 – M4A3 Sherman “Calliope”. 3D Print already have time ago enough quality to produce super accurate and detailed parts and every day is cheaper and cheaper both to own a 3D printer and print. We can expect much more 3D print in the future, and of course, it arrived to stay. The kit is expected to be released next month.


Takom’s first release of the year in 1/72 scale is another dual box containing two kits as they use to do in their 1/72 scale line. Takom – 5011 – SLT 56 & Leopard 2A7. Not much media about the kit has been released yet.

First to Fight has a new issue, First to Fight – 80 – Light tank H-35 early version


UMMT bring us a new armoured locomotive, UMMT – 688 – Armored Locomotive of Type PR-35

Also UM has some novelties, and already available from Ukrainian sellers.
UM – 547 – PzKpfw IV Ausf H
UM – 495 – Strv m/41 SII light tank
UM – 277 – Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. C

ACE has a new Unimog variant, as fire truck this time, ACE – 72452 – Unimog U 1300L Feuerlösch Kfz TLF 1000

1/72 Scale Aircraft.


The one and single AIM Fan Kits model, is now in our listings:
AIM Kits – 7201 – HE 60C-D German Seaplane


ICM is very close to release a new Mig-25 variant, ICM – 72177 – MiG-25 PD (Soviet Interceptor Fighter)


Eduard starts to recover from the fire disaster in their warehouse, and a new deluxe 1/72 package is in offer this month, Eduard – 2133 – Fokker Fokker! , a dual combo with two full kits, resin parts for two engine variants, PE parts, and an awesome decal set for 12 different markings.
Is the time to show your support to the brand and help them to recover from disaster buying this kit directly in their web.

Special Hobby also unveils their two new releases for this month, both are old MPM kits, Special Hobby – 72442 – EoN Eton TX.1 / SG-38 “Over Western Europe” and Special Hobby – 72430 – Focke Wulf Fw 189B-0/B-1 but both are nice kits with fresh decals.
And just for reference, we have added the legacy MPM Production kit reissued by Special Hobby, MPM Production – 72506 – Focke-Wulf Fw 189B-0 which seems to be still available.

Expected soon by Revell a re-release Revell – 03858 – Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor with new decals.
From Revell also, we have recovered today a missed model set, Revell – 64974 – EF-111A Raven (Model Set), which is just a release of Revell – 04974 – EF-111A Raven including brush, paints and glue.

SWORD keeps exploiting their Grumman TBF Avenger moulds with 3 new variants released/announced, mostly re-decals of already released kit.
Sword – 72135 – TBM-3W Guppy
Sword – 72134 – TBM-3U Avenger
Sword – 72131 – TBM-3S2 Avenger

DreamModel would be releasing shortly another F-5 variant, F this time DreamModel – 720014 – F-5F “Tiger II”


Mikro-Mir has released an interesting Mikro-Mir – 72017 – Fokker G-IA, a Dutch heavy fighter which saw few action but served well and Luftwaffe used it as trainer aircraft.


We have revisited Mistercraft and listing is now up to date with the following additions, most of them ex Aeroplast kits, one Heller (the AB-212 kit) and one Academy/Minicraft (the F-117A kit):
MisterCraft – D-60 – PAH-2 “TIGRE” (Tigre HAP)
MisterCraft – D-59 (040598) – EC-665 “SPANISH TIGRE”
MisterCraft – D-57 (040574) – AB-212 ASW “ANTI SUBMARINE”
MisterCraft – D-50 (040505) – AV-8B “HARRIER II”
MisterCraft – D-38 (040383) – AH-64A “PETEN”
MisterCraft – E-07 (050078) – F-117A “BAGDAD STRIKE”


Updated Hasegawa – 02366 – F-35A Lightning II (A Version) “Beast Mode JASDF” with final box art and build model pictures. Kit is close to release.

Dragon has released two new kits in exclusive for Cyber-Hobby, they are Dragon – 5107 -Aichi Type 99 “Val” Dive-Bomber (Midway 1942) and Dragon – 5045 – Aichi Type 99 “Val” Dive-Bomber. In fact they are the same kit, but 5107 contains exclusive Cartograf decals for Midway battle. These kits were originally released in 2012 (and by Platz in 2019) and are being re-released now.

First novelty of the year by Airfix seems to be Airfix – A06022 – Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 RAF based on previous kit adding a new sprue with all the parts needed for the RAF variant. It worth it to mention that Airfix has totally changed their website.


Modelsvit keep extending their successful Mirage family kits with two new kits expected for March. Modelsvit – 72061 – Mirage IIIC all-weather interceptor and Modelsvit – 72073 – Mirage 2000C multirole jet fighter, certainly sprue pictures looks pretty good.


Dora Wings has released the excellent Dora Wings – DW72026 – Bloch MB.151C.1 package, in their usually great quality products kit includes canopy paint mask, PE parts and full color instructions sheet.

Recovered today a missed entry by Mirage Hobby, Mirage Hobby – 725055 – Helikopter PZL W-3T SOKÓŁ , which is an AJ Model kit (the only AJ Model mould) refurbished. Mirage also have a couple of model sets with their helicopters already added, and we still have pending to add the few aircrafts released by the brand in 1/72 scale.

1/72 Scale Plastic Soldiers.


Orion is releasing shortly a new batch of 4 new sets, two of them extending the Vietnam War line they started not much ago, and 2 more reinforcing the tank crews line, for both British (Winter Dress) and German (Early War, 1939-40). They would start to be available by Ukrainian sellers during next days.
Orion – 72058 – German WW2 Panzer Soldiers 1939-1940
Orion – 72059 – Viet Cong
Orion – 72060 – North Vietnamese Army (NVA)
Orion – 72061 – British Tank Crew (Winter Dress). WW2

The latest Linear-A set is here, LINEAR-A – 020 – THE MINOANS 1600-1450 B.C. “LATE MINOAN PERIOD” devoted to one of the most important ancient civilizations. Minoans successfully developed the first advanced civilization in Europe from 3000 b.c. to 1450 b.c. (Start of the Mycenaean period) , and declining till end around 1100 b.c. Linear-A has chosen a late period that will end when they clashed with the Mycenaean culture from Greek mainland, another important ancient topic not especially well covered in our hobby, although Caesar kits are very good.


Plastic Soldier Company has more ultra-re-casts to start the year, again from ex-Adler metal miniatures. Plastic Soldier – UMOS003 – Afrika Korps Platoon. And just for the record we also added past Plastic Soldier – UMOS002 – British Eighth Army Platoon.


Mars is releasing shortly a new Mars – 72122 – German Panzer Crew (in Combat) , a topic already seen before, but any novelty is always welcome.


Linear-A hit the ancient times again with the second set in the Battle of Cunaxa series, LINEAR-A – 019 – BATTLE OF CUNAXA “GREEK HOPLITES ON THE MARCH” 401 B.C. (XENOPHON`S WAR) SET 2

Misc. Updates.


To start the year we have sanitized and updated box images for PST. ABout 87 references at this moment, many of them in collaboration with Zebrano, offering a lot of specific Soviet (ww2 and post-war) subjects.



Our old friend Florin David added a new contribution, a beautiful German Midget Submarine (Biber) in an absolutely awesome work: BIBER GERMAN MINI-SUBMARINE (Special Navy)