January 2022, 1/72 Scale novelties

1/72 Vehicles


Not surprise, ACE has been putting a monthly novelty, or even two, long ago, and the first entry of the new year goes for their latest release, ACE – 72182 – Soviet Army 2t 4×4 truck model 66.


Trumpeter will release later this month a second version (PAC-2 this time) of their popular and nice Patriot Station, Trumpeter – 07158 – M983 HEMTT & M901 Launching Station w/MIM-104 Patriot SAM System (PAC-2).

By their side, Hobby Boss, has a new release taking advantage of their already tooled MAZ-543M chassis, Hobby Boss – 82937 – Russian 4K51 Rubezh Coastal ASM with P-15, also expected for later this month.


The last batch of Vespid models, starts to appear from Chinese sellers, together with some pre-order option in other stores. We speak about Vespid – VS720006 – MAUS II Panzerkampfwagen German Super Heavy Tank, Vespid – 720010 – JagdPanther Sdkfz.173 G1 Late Production and Vespid – 720009 – Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.G (w/Steel road wheels & AA Armor).


The expected Dragon – 7610 – M2A3 Bradley w/Interior with the 3D printed interior detail can be pre-ordered now from a trusted store.


Revell will release during next month two new kits, both of them re-issues or re-packs of older kits as are the Revell – 03340 – Merkava Mk.III, originally tooled in 2003 and Revell – 03297 – Churchill A.V.R.E. (1/76 scale), a nice Matchbox kit of the 80s which Revell brings back to life one more time.


Takom surprises in a new cooperation with Snowman model, announcing Takom – SP-9002 – DF-41 Ballistic Missile Launcher, the latest (by now) Chinese ICBM develop.

Box image updated for the coming Dragon – 7700 – JGSDF BUSHMASTER.

First to Fight announced their first model of the year, First to Fight – 088 – Haubica (Howitzer) 155mm M1918, a modernized variant of First to Fight – 088 – Haubica (Howitzer) 155mm M1918.


Added sprue parts images to the coming Hobby Boss – 82937 – Russian 4K51 Rubezh Coastal ASM with P-15


Takom – SP-9002 – DF-41 Ballistic Missile Launcher available to pre-order with some of our partners. Hurry up.


The chinese brand ModelCollect kit reworking their catalogue after badly end with their previous OEM manufacturer. Today we revisited their listings to do the following updated:

ModelCollect – UA72083 – USA M983A2 HEMTT Tractor & M870A1 Semi-trailer Now released as UA72361, but nothing changed as far as we know.

ModelCollect – UA72365 + Fieseler Fi 103 Vergeltungswaffe 1 (with full length launching ramp), announced, as replacement of ModelCollect – UA72183 – German WWII V1 Missile launching position full size Ver. without changes.

ModelCollect – UA72090 – Soviet MT-LB MULTI-PURPOSE Tracked Vehicle re-annunced, it never was released, keeps code number but box cover updated. As well as ModelCollect – UA72163 – Soviet MT-LB 6MB multi-purpose tracked Vehicle. Eventually the other 4 variants never released would be re-introduced again.

ModelCollect – UA72362 – Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck M983A2 + BGM-109 GLCM Gryphon, a fictional combination never happened. The correct pair was already released as ModelCollect – UA72340 (Old UA72096) – Nato M1014 MAN Tractor & BGM-109G Ground Launched Cruise Missile

ModelCollect – UA72349 – German E-50 Ausf. Vierfüßler – 30mm Zwillingsflak “Terminator” (Fist of War), looks like the brand is still interested in their “Fist of War” line in 1/72 scale announcing this new release.

ModelCollect – UA72227 – U.S.A.F. AGM-129 ACM , split from their ModelCollect – UA72204 – Aircraft weapons set1 U.S.cruise missiles, working together with the ModelCollect – UA72211 (Old UA72200) – B-52H U.S. Stratofortress strategic Bomber kit.

ModelCollect – UA72228 – U.S.A.F. AGM-109 MRASM, probably split from the BGM-109 launchers kits the brand tooled and mentioned above.

And finally the interesting ModelCollect – UA72203 – B-1B Lancer Strategic Bomber, which the brand seems to continue developed. They shared 3D renders not much ago, but the real kit may still need several months to be available.

This summarizes all the activity we have tracked by the Chinese brand, which still seems to not be recovered of their change of provider. Most of their kits are gone and a large list of past announced kits may not be released never.

1/72 Aircraft

Later this month, Arma Hobby will be releasing the basic version of their popular F4F Wildcat kit, Arma Hobby – 70048 – F4F-4 Wildcat (Model Kit Series) with just 2 markings and no extra detail parts. An excellent kit anyway, in a package more suitable for out of the box straight builders and/or not so experienced.


For this month, in 1/72 scale, Eduard only will be re-issuing a past kit, the good Eduard – 7059 – MiG-15bis (Profipack)

IBG shared details abut the decal sheet and stencils included in the first two releases of the Fw 190D series, IBG – 72531 – Focke-Wulf FW 190D-9 Cottbus (Early Production) and IBG – 72540 – Focke-Wulf FW 190D-15 Torpedo Bomber. According to the brand, they will be released next week, together with the other 4 vehicles new in 1/72 scale for this month. The start of the year by IBG is impressive.


Added a missed entry by Revell, Revell – 03909 – OV-10A Bronco, a re-box of an Academy kit.


Valom is about to release two kits for the de Havilland DH.95 Flamingo, Valom – 72156 – DH.95 Flamingo (Civilian Users) and Valom – 72147 – DH.95 Flamingo (King’s Flight). It still may take some weeks till kits are widely available. Valom has been also working in more Curtiss C-46 versions, but is unknown for us if some will be part of the next batch release.


DreamModel surprises with a new model of their Harbin Z-9/Dauphin moulds, one of their favourite subjects, since this is the 9th related release, DreamModel – 720007 – Z-9D ASUW Helicopter. To reminder also that Dream Model – DM720018 – UH-1Y Venom is already available now.

Special Hobby made official their January releases, firstly re-issuing the amazing Special Hobby – 72162 – Short Sunderland Mk. V, and then a “new” release, Special Hobby – 72457 – Bugatti 100P “French Racer Plane”.


Wolfpack Design has an interesting coming offer for this year in 1/72 scale, the first kit will be released later this month, Wolfpack Design – WP17209 – Me163B/S ‘Komet’ (Premium Edition Kit) based in the same topic Academy kit, which haven’t seen in a while. New decals, paint mask and PE parts included in this deluxe re-package of the Academy kit.


A couple of days ago Airfix announced their 2022 plans and we have summarized it at Airfix 2022 new range.. The first two models expected, before the winter ends, are already added, Airfix – A04051A – BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 and Airfix – A04053B – Fairey Swordfish Mk.I. If you can’t wait for something, everything can be pre-ordered at Airfix store.

LF Models is adding two more Hiller OH-23 Raven releases this month, another 6 markings in total including two Vietnam War markings. LF Models – PE7256 – OH-23C/G/HT.2 Raven (Vietnam war, Holland AF, Royal Navy) and LF Models – PE7255 – OH-23D/OH-23G Raven (1x Vietnam war, 2x US training unit).

Together with the already announced de Havilland DH.95 Flamingo Valom will be releasing soon a new Vickers Wellesley, thee 4th in their catalogue, ready to pre-order in some stores and expected for next month. Valom – 72158 – VICKERS WELLESLEY MK.I (45 SQN)


IBG shared a PDF file summarizing all the differences between the FW-190D releases they have planned, the first two already on sale or preorder. The file has been added here IBG New Focke-Wulf Fw 190D Series. and you can also download it here:


Added today a missed entry from Mistercraft, released around 2020, based on Aeroplast moulds, Mistercraft – D-62 – AH-IT “IMPROVED SEA COBRA”.


Wolfpack Design starts the year with energies and in February will be releasing a repack of Academy kit as Wolfpack Design – WP17211 – LT-6G Texan “Korean War”.

Also in February, Dora Wings will be releasing a new pack of their Bloch MB.151, Dora Wings – DWS72030 – BLOCH MB.151 C.1 (Foreign Service Greece & Luftwaffe).


Added a box content image of the yesterday added Dora Wings – DWS72030 – BLOCH MB.151 C.1 (Foreign Service Greece & Luftwaffe), if not released yet it will happen very very soon since Dora Wings has it all ready.


Some sellers started to offer Airfix – A04050A – BAe Harrier GR7a/GR9 in pre-order, part of the Airfix novelties for this 2022, and so we added it to our listings already, despite Airfix said will not be available till summer.

Revell made public their updated for this year during past week, and a number of kits are already appearing for preorder. Expected for next month, a re-issue, Revell – 03834 – F/A-18F Super Hornet has been added to our listings today. It’s supposed it will include only 2 markings (less than the initial release in 2012 with code number 04864).


Kora Models will be releasing later this month two kits for the quite unknown IMAM Ro.41 Italian fighter/trainer. We have poor information about the box content, as well as of the B (bis) variant. The kits in question are Kora – 72143 – IMAM Ro.41B Bicomando and Kora – 72142 – IMAM Ro.41.

Amodel is about to release a new an interesting bomb, Amodel – NA72012 – ASM-2N “BAT”, the first U.S. radar guided bomb which saw limited action during WWII in its naval anti-ship version. We expect the kit for next month.


Updated box image for Hasegawa – 02395 – SR-71 BLACKBIRD (A TYPE) W/GTD-21B which now is closer to release (Hasegawa updated release date to February 16th).

While still waiting for February releases already advanced by Hasegawa, the Japanese brand already shared novelties for March, and so we added today Hasegawa – 02399 – F-15DJ EAGLE “Aggressor 40th Anniversary”, Hasegawa – 02397 – Mitsubishi Ki-109 Special Air Defense Fighter “Prototype No. 1” and Hasegawa – 02398 – F-35 LIGHTNING II (B TYPE) U.S.M.C. VMFA-242 IZUMO DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL TEST. All of them are of interest, but specially the Ki-109 prototype, fitted with metal and resin detail parts, and the F-35B, as the markings belong to a historical fact as a fixed-wing aircraft operating again from a Japanese warship, something not seen since WWII.


Expected for next month, Arma Hobby is releasing a second kit of their P-51 Mustang tool, this time with RAF markings and in the shape of the basic “model kit” line, Arma Hobby – 70039 – P-51C Mustang Mk III (Model Kit).


Hobby 2000 will be releasing shortly 3 new repacks of Fujimi kits, Hobby 2000 – 72054 – Nakajima J1N1-S “GEKKO” 1945, Hobby 2000 – 72053 – Nakajima J1N1-S “GEKKO” Early and Hobby 2000 – 72052 – TA-4J Skyhawk IAF. These kits are already available for pre-order through one of our covered stores.

1/72 Contributions

Friend Peter MacKay has a new contribution to start the year, Hobby Boss UH-1B Huey – 87228 – Build Review, for the nice Hobby Boss – 87228 – UH-1B Huey kit.

1/72 Miscellaneous


A selection of products for our German, British and Spanish customers, are offering now Amazon links, mainly European brands such Revell, Airfix and Italeri, had a not bad distribution through Amazon. If you are already a Prime user, their quick dispatch can make these offers very appeal, even if in average, price are few Euros or Pounds over Stores or Ebay options. We’ll keep listing new products available through Amazon, as long as offers are some interesting and competitive. Just to remember, that more time ago, USA customers also can find some Amazon link, but the US market is different and prices are not so good even if the quick dispatch options.


Large new stock this week in our French reference store, Euro-maquette.eu, bringing more options to our French customers. The new stocked items are:
Hobby Boss – 82938 – Russian 130mm Coastal Defence Gun A-222 “Bereg”
Strelets – M153 – Italian Infantry in Defence
Strelets – M154 – Italian Desert Patrol
Strelets – M155 – 8th Army Australian Infantry in Attack
Strelets – M156 – 8th Army Australian Heavy Weapons Squad
Strelets – M158 – PzB41 AT Gun with DAK Crew
Strelets – M152 – WWII French Foreign Legion Heavy Weapons
Strelets – 251 – French Dragoons on the March
Strelets – 252 – French Late War Dragoons in Reserve
Strelets – 253 – French Dragoons in Attack
Strelets – 254 – Dismounted French Dragoons in Skirmish
Strelets – 255 – British Regiment of Horse (Late War)
Strelets – 279 – Highlanders’ Firing Line
Strelets – 288 – Russian Jaegers in Summer Dress
Strelets – 287 – Highlanders in Square
Strelets – 282 – Obice da 75/18 Mod35 Howitzer & Italian Crew
HäT – 8331 – WWI Italian Sampler
HäT – 8223 – WWI Italian Infantry
HäT – 8222 – WWI Italian Heavy Weapons
HäT – 8221 – WWI Italian Arditi
Airfix – A02029B – Messerschmitt Bf109G-6
Fine Molds – FP43S – F-4J Aardvarks


According to IBG, finally their last batch is officially released, this includes the new tooled and amazing FW-190D, IBG – 72531 – Focke-Wulf FW 190D-9 Cottbus (Early Production) and IBG – 72540 – Focke-Wulf FW 190D-15 Torpedo Bomber plus another two new lines of molds, the Lancia 3RO, IBG – 72093 – 3Ro Italian Truck and IBG – 72098 – 3Ro Italian Truck with 100/17 100mm Howitzer and the Cromwell (Centaur hull based) IBG – 72108 – Centaur Mk.IV British Tank and IBG – 72102 – Cromwell Mk.IV British Tank (Hull Type C).

1/72 Scale Sci-Fi updates


We have the pleasure to announce a new kit in 1/72 scale by Moebius Models, Moebius – 2001-11 – 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY ORION III SPACE CLIPPER, an incredible big release expected in two months or less. Moebius already tooled the same topic in smaller scales in the past, but in 1/72 scale it turns out absolutely impressive. Sadly the kit will not include Pan Am markings, but for sure will not take long till some aftermarket/decals producer offers it. Thankfully the kit can be already pre-ordered in one of our partner stores. Of course, it’s not a cheap kit.


Added finished sample pictures to Hasegawa – 31 – REGULT (STANDARD MASS PRODUCTION TYPE). The kit release, initially expected for January, has been delayed to February 22nd.


Bandai keeps extending their AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline range with two new models that will appear soon, Bandai – 62945 – BRADY HOUND and Bandai – 62946 – V-33 STORK CARRIER.


Hasegawa – 31 – REGULT (STANDARD MASS PRODUCTION TYPE) also got today its definitive box cover image.

1/72 Star Wars


Revell had a major sales success during Christmas season Revell – 06781 – THE MANDALORIAN RAZOR CREST, at the same time Disney started to air The Book of Boba Fett and Revell is re-packing their 1/88 scale kit Revell – 06785 – Boba Fett’s Starship (1/88 Scale) to fit the new TV series. Despite of not being 1/72 and not being a new kit (released in 2007, 2008 and 2020) we decided to add it to our listings to give continuity to the new Disney Star Wars TV series based kits started by Revell past year.

1/72 Ships

By surprise (to us), as happened when we firstly heard about Fore Hobby – 1001 – Schnellboot S-38/1942, the chinese brand Fore Hobby is releasing a second reference Fore Hobby – 1003 – Schnellboot S-38b, based on previous kit but with an armoured bridge, as later would be standard on the S-100 class. We don’t know what had happen to the 1002 code number reference, maybe in the future it will be something new. In our opinion, this second release is very welcome, although both kits could have been merged in a single one with the armoured or not option for the bridge. Anyway, we hope to see soon something else, new, rather than more S-38 related releases. No new about when it will be released, but we expect it for the next month.


The above stated new release by Fore Hobby is already on pre-order by one of our partners. See Fore Hobby – 1003 – Schnellboot S-38b

1/72 Figures

For days there have been rumors about the back of Caesar Miniatures (looks like with a new logo or label) and it’s confirmed that eventually some new set will appear. By now all the announced sets belong to Chinese antiquity and The Three Kingdoms period. The first set revealed is Caesar – TK-001 – Three Kingdoms (Shu Kingdom set 1) and our opinions about it are mixed. There are no news about re-stocks of older kits, each day harder to find.

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