March 2021, 1/72 scale news

1/72 Scale Vehicles.


We have recovered today a missed entry by MAC Distribution, MAC Distribution – 72139 – German Light Truck G 3a Funkmast Kraftwagen Kfz 68


Italeri re-issues this month the old ESCI Panzer 35(t) Italeri – 7084 – Pz. Kpfw. 35(t) with interesting decal options, but sadly including the same tracks from the original kit.


The month starts to take speed and Zvezda is ready to launch in few day two of the announced and expected kits for 2021. Zvezda – 5068 – Russian Launch Vehicle S-400 “Triumf” SA-21 GROWLER , and excellent and big kit in the line of Soviet/Russian anti-aircraft and ballistic missiles line so successful and a quite well covered topic in our hobby, with brands like PST, ModelCollect or Zvezda itself and also the famous 4D models. Zvezda – 5043 – Soviet Self-Propelled Gun SU-122 a not very successful Soviet WW2 assault gun, finely produced now by Zvezda

Flyhawk has announced a new full kit in 1/72 scale, which are great news, Flyhawk – FH3019 – Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.B Königstiger (Conventional Version) but it’s unconfirmed when it will be available.


First to Fight is releasing shortly (some sellers already accepting orders) a new First to Fight – 81 – PzKpfw 38(t) AUSF.A (LT VZ.38) , and excellent kit featuring also photo etched detail parts.


Garbuz Models – 72-03 – TZ-200 added box content pictures and built model sample.


Latest batch of announced IBG Models kits are starting to appear by some retailers and so we start to add them, starting by the nice IBG – 72079 – Scammell Pioneer SV/1S Heavy Breakdown Tractor , the vehicle recovery version of the Scammell Pioneer tractor, showing an in German service vehicle. These tractors we so good that German tried to use all the captured vehicles in France 1940 after Dunkirk evacuation as much as possible.

Next addition (and last by now) from IBG is the new IBG (The world At War) – W-013 – A10 Mk.Ia British Cruiser Tank , a not very successful british Cruiser tank.


Slowly, the months ago announced 3R Model / Transform pickups are starting to appear by some far away retailer and in some markets. 3R Model / Transform – TK 7005 – Mid East War Pickup (+ ZPU-2) and 3R Model / Transform – TK 7004 – Mid East War Pickup (+ DShK). Both kits has the same configuration, 2 pickups and one weapon, in one case it is the DShk + Toyota Hilux and ZPU-2 + Toyota Land Cruiser in the other. Small PE parts and Libyan decals are provided. The more or less announced at same time T-Model – TK7312 – MIDDLE EAST MILITARY MAN SET is already available weeks ago as an option to crew these cars and other options can be found here where we specially would recommend Caesar – H101 – Mid-East Militia (Iraq & Syria) , although sadly, any of the kits can provide crew for the weapons.


We took our time today to update some of the Mirage kits with the latest coe numbers and boxes images as well as updating descriptions as possible. It’s a pity that brand is not being able to deliver new things for years, kits quality is good, T-26 series are amongst the better you can find for this tank, as well as the 7TP / Vickers E series. Kits can be a challenge for beginners due the large amount of very small parts, specially around build the wheels. The brand usually features all openable hatches and as only “odd” they keep using single piece vinyl tracks, although its quality is better than some of the forgettable Hasegawa, ESCI and so on, it’s not of the taste of everyone.
Mirage Hobby – 726009 (72609) – Light Tank T-26 Model 1933
Mirage Hobby – 726003 (72603) – Vickers E Mk.A light tank
Mirage Hobby – 726002 (72602) – 7TP LIGHT TANK “TWIN TURRET”
Mirage Hobby – 726001 (72601) – 7TP Polish light tank
Mirage Hobby – 720627 (72627) – Leningrad 76,2mm
Mirage Hobby – 720620 (72620) – T-26/45 Psv.K/38
Mirage Hobby – 728056 (72856) – Pz.Kpfw. IV D “Tropenpanzer”
Mirage Hobby – 728053 (72853) – Pz.Kpfw. IV C “Normandy 1944”
Mirage Hobby – 728002 (72802) – Medium Tank LEE MK I
Mirage Hobby – 728008 – M3 GRANT Mk I “Battle of GAZALA” 26.05 – 21.06.1942


Recovered a missed entry by Takom, a limited edition in collaboration with Tiger Model, Takom – 5002X – U.S. Tank Transporter w/ABRAMS TANK


After quite long silence, S-Model attempts to keep alive releasing two new boxes, one single model, re-using old kits, or never released past works. The are S-Model – SP072006 – Sd.kfz.253 with Panzer I Turret , easy to imagine from where it comes from, and S-Model – SP072007 – 86A Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which plan us more questions, as for a time a BMP-2 was expected by the brand, but never released. They had for sure the BMP-1, maybe upgrasing by resin parts ? if any one has more info, please share with us.


Trumpeter will release shortly a new Patriot launch station plus a M983 HEMTT tractor. Both kits have been seen before by other brands, let’s see what Trumpeter did and where these kits are coming from. Trumpeter – 07157 – M983 HEMTT & M901 Launching Station of MIM-104F Patriot SAM System (PAC-3)

1/72 Scale Aircraft.


Eduard – 2135 – Du doch nicht! (Limited Edition, 3 Kits) updated with sprue, decals and bonus pin pictures.
Also updated Eduard – 7456 – Z-37A Čmelák (Weekend Edition) with box content pictures.


In the releases of this month by Italeri we found one more time a Macchi C.202 Italeri – 1439 – MC.202 Folgore where the only new are the decals.


AMP has released a new AMP – 72013 – Westland WS-51 Dragonfly HR.3 , the Westland licensed build of the Sikorsky H-5 helicopter in he 50s.

ICM is about release this month a new MiG-25 variant, ICM – 72178 – MiG-25PU Soviet Training Aircraft , the MiG-25 Interceptors line trainer version. Is the 7th MiG-25 variant released by the brand since they developed the moulds during past year.

Arma Hobby is releasing this month 2 “new” kits based on previous offers by the brand. By one side the basic package (model kit line) Arma Hobby – 70043 – Hurricane Mk II b (Model Kit) including just plastic model kit and decals for 2 markings, and Arma Hobby – 70030 – Yakovlev Yak-1b Soviet Aces (Limited Edition) , a model line package too but with exclusive decals with markings for 4 soviet aces. They both will be available by the end of the month.

Special Hobby is releasing this month a new re-package of the Martin B-10 FRROM model kit Special Hobby – 72440 – Model 139WC/WSM/WT “Chinese, Siamese and Turkish Service”. They are also re-releasing the Special Hobby – 72418 – SIAI-Marchetti SF-260M/AM/W , maybe better to say re-stocking. Brand recognizes to be having a bad time due Covid and some of the new releases previously announced have been delayed.

We have started to list Revell easy click system model kits in 1/72 scale, as the recently released Revell – 03651 – F-4E Phantom (Easy Click) , because although being more close to toys than to model kits, they are a great option to introduce younger kids in the hobby, as recommended age is just 10 years, and result will be a decent kit without the complexity and possible frustration caused for more advanced models. We’ll list more of this line in the future, because this hobby needs more young people starting on it.

Hasegawa is re-releasing the long fuselage version of the Mitsubishi MU-2 utility aircraft Hasegawa – 02370 – Mitsubishi MU-2J “Flight Check Squadron” w/Tractor which was not released long time ago and completes the previous release of the short fuselage variant Hasegawa – 02361 – Mitsubishi MU-2A “Air Rescue Wing” w/Tractor, both kits sharing the same utility tractor as a bonus.

Also from Hasegawa we just added a future Hasegawa – 02371 – Shinmeiwa PS-1 Kai (US-1) which includes resin and metal parts featuring the main differences with other variants of the ShinMaywa US-2 plane released by the brand.

Airfix will release shortly a nice gift set Airfix – A50183 – Messerschmitt Me262 & P-51D Mustang (Dogfight Doubles) which includes two full models plus paints, brushes and glue as usual. Not new kits, but a good deal package.

Clear Prop will be releasing shortly Clear Prop – 72005 – XA2D-1 Skyshark (ADVANCED KIT) , a failed attack aircraft for the U.S. Navy in the 50s. The brand is also releasing same subject in 1/48 scale. The package for release is Advanced version, which includes an extensive photo etched detail sheet.

Just added our second Revell easy click system model, a nice Revell – 03650 – B-25 Mitchell (Easy click).


Brengun has released two variants of the Henschel HS 126, Brengun – BRP72044 – Hs 126 A1 “Superpava” Legion Condor and Brengun – BRP72045 – Henschel Hs 126 B1, in fact both kits are the same kit but with different decals. In addition they have released also a complimentary extra detail set but aftermarket kits are still out of our coverage.

Box image updated for Special Hobby – 72440 – Model 139WC/WSM/WT “Chinese, Siamese and Turkish Service”.


As promised some ago, we added today the Mirage Hobby 1/72 scale aircrafts, all of them coming from ex-ZTS Plastyk kits.
Mirage Hobby – 872095 – PZL-37 A “Łoś” (Model set)
Mirage Hobby – 872093 – GLOSTER JAVELIN F (AW) Mk 9 (Model Set)
Mirage Hobby – 872092 – PZL-37 B “ŁOŚ” (Model Set)
Mirage Hobby – 872062 – Focke-Wulf FW 190 D-9 (Model Set)
Mirage Hobby – 872061 – RWD (LWS) 14b “CZAPLA” (Model Set)


Modelsvit is re-releasing as Limited edition Modelsvit – 72047 – Su-17M3 . All the Sukhoi SU-17 range by Modelsvit features a high quality.


Revell is releasing a “new” F-16 D variant with a nice decal sheet for a Tigermeet event in 2014 year. Revell – 03844 – Lockheed Martin F-16D Tigermeet 2014

Also this month, Revell brings a new package for their F-104 kit as model set with paints, glue and brush and decals for Dutch and Belgium users. Revell – 63879 – F-104G Starfighter NL/B (Model Set)


We got by surprise a new release by Revell again, Revell – 03866 – Sea Vixen FAW 2 “70th Anniversary” , which seems to be a Dragon/Cyberhobby kit re-released by Revell.

Also today we added a new brand, SabreKits, from Czech Republic, a brand started past year who till now, in 1/72 scale, only had re-packages from others makers, but now, after an initial original release in 1/48 scale, are in their way to release the first original 1/72 scale kit, Henschel HS 126, as Brengun did this month too, offered in five different versions, just changing decals. To our eyes, Brengun kit is better (and you also have the aftermarket upgrade by themselves), but we like the decal range offered by SabreKits. The topic, HS 126, only had moulds of the 70s by Matchbox, Italeri and Airfix, and now, suddenly, forty years later, got two new moulds in the same month.
SabreKits (SK) – SBK7013 – Henschel Hs 126 B/K “International”
SabreKits (SK) – SBK7012 – Henschel Hs 126B “Over Africa”
SabreKits (SK) – SBK7011 – Henschel Hs 126B “Eastern front”
SabreKits (SK) – SBK7010 – Henschel Hs 126 A/B Blitzkrieg
SabreKits (SK) – SBK7009 – Henschel Hs 126A in Spain
Shortly we’ll list also the previous re-packs by the brand.

1/72 Scale Plastic Soldiers.

Linear-A bring us two new ancient plastic soldiers kits, proving a great value in the coverage of these periods. They are Linear-A – 026 – SAMNITE WARS SET 1 (Infantry) and Linear-A – 030 – TARENTINE HORSEMEN OF MAGNA GRAECIA a both could be included into the Roman Republic wars to consolidate hegemony in the Italian peninsula, Samnite were located in the center of the peninsula and fought Rome for almost half century, while Taranto was a Spartan founded colony in the south coast of the peninsula (Magna Graecia) and kept several wars with their neighbors and finally versus Rome during centuries, as colony was found around 700 BC.


Together with the two new model kits stated above, today we also added Zvezda – 6272 – Volkssturm, Berlin 1945, a new mini box of 5 figures in 4 poses depicting the famous German WW2 militia extensively used during the last months of the was and specially in the defense of Berlin as the box states.


Dark Alliance finally has released the several weeks ago announced new fantasy figure set, four full new sets to say you Happy Easter. All the kits are already available.
Dark Alliance – 72060 – Southern kingdom Warriors (Set 1) Rangers and Scouts (Light Alliance)
Dark Alliance – 72055 – Black riders
Dark Alliance – 72054 – Cyclopes
Dark Alliance – 72053 – Anubis army

1/72 Scale Space Related.

Revell is re-releasing their Space Shuttle kit to commemorate the 40th anniversary since its first flight in 1981. The kit in the Gift Set format includes paints, brush and glue, and decals allow to name the major Shuttles as Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour. Revell – 05673 – Space Shuttle, 40th. Anniversary These kits used to attract younger modelers to the hobby, but the shuttle program was sunset in 2011 so nowadays kids hardly would feel interest in those, for not to mention kit is so old as 1979, although Revell use to keep moulds clean and working.