September 2020 Updates.

New month, new course. Back to activity.

There is an important update in the site, we joined a new affiliation with Plastic Models Store, an Ukrainian based store who holds most if not all of the Ukrainian brands, which is to say a lot nowadays. If a kit has a purchase option in this store, you will see a new item in the Marketplace section of the pages with a link and their logo.

Prices for this store are offered at this point in US Dollars which a common use currency in Ukraine.

They offer good worldwide shipping conditions, starting at a reasonable $8,90 and free for orders over $150.

So if you are looking for one of the Ukrainian based brands, they can be a good option.

Regarding our U.S. based customers, we have been updated more products with an option to purchase through, and total number of products with this option is now above 1.500.

And now, below, the list of updates happening this month.

1/72 Scale User’s Contributions:

Brian F. from Canada has sent us some very nice pictures from an American Civil War diorama, titled White Oak Swamp – 1862 which mainly uses some Strelets figures.

1/72 Scale Plastic Soldiers

Seems we missed past month to report one of the new Mini-Boxes by Linear-A, and so we amend it now by Adding LINEAR-A – 001S – VIGILES URBANI “COHORTES VIGILUM” to the brand listing.

We just added a sprue picture of the recently released Mars – 72119 – German Paratroopers (Tropical Uniform) which is a really good and hot product this month.

Also we added all the details we know about the changes happened to Ultima Ratio – UR011 – Thirty Years War: Musketeers of the military household of the King of France

1/72 Scale Vehicles

The first entry of the month is for a new Super Snipe variant by ACE, ACE – 72551 – Super Snipe Station Wagon (Woodie)

Although announced past month we echoe now this “new” release by Mirage Hobby, Mirage Hobby – 720001 – M3A3 LIGHT TANK [YUGOSLAVIAN] Limited Edition , being honest we have lost the count of which number of different Stuart M3 tanks is this in the brand catalogue.
In the other side, this variant present an interesting decals for the history of this tank in Yugoslav service at the end of the World War II, although it lasted so long as 60’s.

Expected soon, IBG – 72083 – Diamond T 968 Cargo Truck with M2 Machine Gun
Also this month, IBG will be issuing a new model for the World At War series, IBG (The World At War) – WAW12 (W-012) – A9 C5 Close Support British Cruiser Tank

Dragon Models is close to re-release two variants of the Bradley U.S. Armoured vehicle, but they assigned new code numbers because both kits contains the new same addition, a set of backpacks.
We don’t like specially this way to do “new” models, as backpacks sets is not an upgrade like the DS Tracks, but is what we have here.
The new code numbers are (you can find the original releases related in each product):
Dragon – 7415 – M2A2 w/ERA
Dragon – 7416 – M3A2 ODS Bradley w/ERA

Dragon is revamping also the combo box of LCM(3) + Sherman, old code 7360 now released as Dragon – 7516 – LCM(3) Landing Craft + M4A1 w/Deep Wading Kit , including as novelty a diorama beach base (in transparent plastic), note also the small detail changed in the art box, where the beach soldiers (never included in any old or new kit) have been removed. The old kit as well as the separate kits for the LCM(3) or Sherman w/Wading were already hard to find kits, so the re-issue is very welcome.

In the storm of Dragon re-works, re-box, upgrades and so we missed Dragon – 7647 – Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.F an extensive rework over the same topic by the brand in the very old Dragon – 7207 – SdKfz.171 Panther Ausf. F.

UM has announced 3 new sets:
UM – 283 – Sturmgeschütz 40 Ausf.G 1944
UM – 466 – Multiple Gun Motor Carriage T52
UM – 544 – PzKpfw IV Ausf F1
It’s unconfirmed when they will be available and current global distribution is very bad.

We have recovered a missed past entry from Trumpeter, Trumpeter – 07128 – Soviet KV-122 Heavy Tank as well as just added the brand new Maus, Trumpeter – 07446 – Pz.Kpfw.VIII Maus

Ukrainian Models Military Technics better known as UMMT , although many keep just labelling their products as UM, which causes confusion with UM brand, has just released a new big Armored train, UMMT – 685 – ARMORED TRAIN OF TYPE OB-3 “Soviet Armenia”. We don’t have many details about content yet, but seems to be already available from Ukrainian dealers.

Roden has a amazing new model, wonderfull for those diorama builders, a Roden – 737 – Type B Bus “Pigeon Loft”

Although not available yet, we just added Special Armour – 72020 – Sd.Kfz 131 Marder II (7,5 cm PaK 40/2) the first MK72 mould released under Special Armour brand.

First to Fight, unveils October release, First to Fight – 77 – Field Gun 75mm wz.1902/26.

1/72 Scale Aircraft

And the first entry of the month in the Aircraft section goes to Kovozávody Prostějov with his re-release of Kovozávody – KPM0049 – Avia S-199 w/oil cooler
The AVIA S-199 is an interesting plane because it was the first one operated by the Israeli Air Force, in 1948, just after declare their independence and arrived Israel when hostilities were already started.
The plane itself has a poor reputation, and it was a variant of the Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6s keep in production in Czechoslovakia after the war.

Second entry of the month in this section is for Dragon and its Dragon – 5121 – He219A-0 UHU / He219A-7 OWL (2 in 1) a repackage of already released kits by the brand, without further update.

We also just recovered two missed old Dragon entries in the aircraft series, one of them a Cyber-Hobby exclusive.
Dragon – 5019 – P-38M Night Lightning
Dragon – 5051 – Sea Vixen FAW.1

IBG will launch this month another Pzl. 37 variant, IBG – 72513 – PZL. 37 A bis II.

Just added Dora Wings current 1/72 Scale Aircraft catalogue to our listings, 16 unusual references. See all of them here.

Eduard offers this month the Weekend Edition of their MIG-21PFM as Eduard – 7454 – MiG-21PFM (Weekend Edition)

Airfix issue again their Airfix – A01010A – Hawker Hurricane Mk.I changing decals from previous box.

Also by Airfix, the old Airfix – A03012V – Handley Page Jetstream becomes available again.

The British brand, Airfix, also announced Airfix – A08001 – Avro Lancaster B.II will be back by the end of the month or next one, and so we added this missed enry in our brand listing.

To commemorate the Battle of Britain 80th anniversary Revell bring back a nice combo in 1/72 scale, which doesn’t offer anything new but which is a great deal, containing four full models, paints, brush and glue by a decent price. Revell – 05691 – 80th Anniversary Battle of Britain (Gift Set)

Hasegawa released couple of weeks ago a new Limited Edition for their F-14 kit, in Top Gun markings, Hasegawa – 02293 – F-14A TOMCAT “TOP GUN”

Also by Hasegawa, past month the Hasegawa – BP101 – J-35F Draken “Red Dragon” was released and starts to be available.

You can’t not say you have an 1/72 Scale models site with an Aircraft section and don’t list the Tamiya War Bird 1/72 Scale series. And so we did, we amended this gap and now you can find this famous series here.

We have just added Arma Hobby to our aircrafts listing.

With this last addition and the previous ones this month, this site is getting close to 3000 references in our aircraft related categories, Military, Civilian, and Helicopters, Military & Civilian.
All together, site contains almost 10.000 different references in 1/72 scale and only injected plastic (except few exceptions).

Valom is now part of our listings, 138 references from their current catalogue are available now.

AZModel renew its Messerschmitt Bf 109G-14/AS with new tooled moulds:
AZmodel – 7657 – Bf 109G-14/AS “Reich Defence” (NEW TOOL 2020)
AZmodel – 7656 – Bf 109G-14/AS JG.300 (NEW TOOL 2020)

Kovozávody Prostějov has 5 new models (an already announced more for next month) while we still haven’t seen a proper distribution of previous batch. Distribution is being a hell all this long year.
Kovozávody – KPM0206 – La-5F “Late”
Kovozávody – KPM0205 – Avia S-99 (C-10)
Kovozávody – KPM0204 – Z-37A Čmelák “Export”
Kovozávody – KPM0203 – Z-37A Čmelák “Movie Star”
Kovozávody – KPM0194 – La-5 Late “Special Marking”

We say hello to a “new” in our site Chinese manufacturer, DreamModel, featuring a growing catalogue mostly devoted to modern/contemporary Chinese topics. Their kit usually come with a small PE parts set and some times also resin items. The relevance of the brand is growing because the good mould quality they are showing.

Just added 58 more references to Tamiya listing, those belong to all the Italeri re-issues Tamiya did in 90s and that are only intended for Japanese market. Some of the original Italeri kit has been already re-worked, upgraded or re-released by the Italian brand, but in some cases, the original kit is hard to find, so Tamiya issue can be an option. There is one special kit, reference 60740, which is not an original Italeri, but an original from another small Japanese brand gone long ago. an interesting collectors piece not very expensive. Check the full Tamiya’s list here.

Added the only two (by now) Aircraft 1/72 full kits by Orange Hobby, both for the same topic, the Lockheed Martin F-35. One of them includes a resin optional bombs payload, and the first one includes a tractor, plastic molded, both with PE parts, and both hard to find.
Orange Hobby – A72010 – Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning II
Orange Hobby – A72001 – Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning II

Revell has announced a “new” F-16 for those who love the Tiger Meets special decals. Revell – 03860 – F-16 MLU TIGER MEET 2018 31 Sqn. Kleine Brogel

Airfix is releasing again the Airfix – A50182 – Battle of Britain Memorial Flight , but the new box shows a strange information about the box content, as state 2 Spitfire variants plus the Avro Lancaster, while this box used to contain one Hurricane and one Spitfire plus the Avro. Let’s see once it’s released.

Big Plane Kits has released a new CRJ-700 variant, Big Plane Kits – 7216 – Bombardier CRJ-900

AZmodel has released two de Havilland Hornet variants:
AZmodel – 7651 – DH-103 Hornet F MK.I/F.1
AZmodel – 7652 – DH-103 Hornet PR.2

Just added 5 coming releases by Hasegawa, plus a missed entry in their listing:
Hasegawa – 02358 – Junkers Ju88G-1 NJG2
Hasegawa – 02360 – F-15C Eagle “Japan US Treaty of Mutual Security and Cooperation 60th Anniversary”
Hasegawa – 02361 – Mitsubishi MU-2A “Air Rescue Wing” w/Tractor
Hasegawa – 02363 – T-33A Shooting Star w/Tractor
Hasegawa – 02362 – F-15DJ EAGLE “Fighter Training Group 20th Anniversary”
Hasegawa – 02269 – F-14A TOMCAT “VF-84 JOLLY ROGERS”
Hasegawa – 02359 – V-22 Osprey “JGSDF Tactical Airlift Group”
Some of this kits are not expected till early next year.

It’s a great news for us when we add a new brand to our listings, and so today, we just added Great Wall Hobby to our listings. 10 Excellent references added to our Military Aircraft in 1/72 scale listings, based in 3 basic molds, for F-14, F-15 and SU-35 exploded into different variants and interesting special decals. The full list of kits added as follows:
Great Wall Hobby – S7203 – F-14D VF-31 SUNSET
Great Wall Hobby – S7202 – US Navy F-14A VF-41 Black Aces
Great Wall Hobby – S7201 – USAF F-15E “D-Day” 75th Anniversary
Great Wall Hobby – L7207 – Su-35S “Flanker-E” Multirole Fighter
Great Wall Hobby – L7206 – F-14A Tomcat
Great Wall Hobby – L7205 – F-15C MSIP II (USAF & ANG)
Great Wall Hobby – L7204 – F-15J JASDF Eagle Air Combat Meet 2013
Great Wall Hobby – L7203 – F-14D Tomcat VF-2 Bounty Hunters
Great Wall Hobby – L7202 – F-15I IAF Ra’am
Great Wall Hobby – L7201 – U.S. Air Force F-15E (In action of OEF&OIF)

Although we are not special fans of this kind of products, because they are absolutely nothing new, we just added the Italeri releases for War Thunder video game in our Aircrafts (and Helicopters) listing. They are mostly double packs, which is interesting, but also includes Game codes, so final price is not so good as when it’s just a double model pack.
Italeri – 35102 – WAR THUNDER – P-47 N & P-51 D
Italeri – 35101 – WAR THUNDER – BF 109 F-4 & FW 190 D-9
Italeri – 35103 – WAR THUNDER – UH-1C & MI-24D
Italeri – 35104 – WAR THUNDER – JU 88 A-4

Big Plane Kits updates their 737-100 / 200 series with new clear parts in its new release Big Plane Kits – 7201 – Boeing 737-100 , reusing code 7201, which mess up things.

1/72 Scale Space

Expected next month (October 2020), Dragon Models adds a new beast to their already impressive Space related catalogue, with the launch of the amazing Dragon – 11022 – Saturn IB Rocket almost one meter tall in 1/72 scale.