1/72 F-16

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

F-16 is a single engine multi-role fighter developed in the 70s and still in service with over 25 operators around the world.

Aircraft has been evolved during decades and more than 4600 units has been built.

It’s produced in both single seat or double seat variants. Together to the main versions letter, the aircraft is upgraded by blocks of upgrades, it’s common a nomenclature of F-16 Letter Variant, Block Number, for example F-16C/D Block 40. Letter variants are usually paired between both single seat and double seat variants, with the above example C/D variant entered production in 1984, it’s the same plane but C is the single seat and D is the double seat variant.

Below you can find an exhaustive (and growing) list of 1/72 scale kits for this aircraft, one of the more popular subjects in military aircraft scale models.