nº19 – Altaya – Ixo – M-10 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion

1st Armored Division Anzio (Italy) 1944

Technical Details
5 Crew.
1 M7 76.2mm
1 M2HB 3 – 7.62mm
300Km Range

More Ataya’s models !!
The M10 are a well know family of tank destroyers. The model depicted here is a not bad one, although some details are quite basic as usually we see in this collection.

The camouflage pattern it’s a nice one, the more easy is to paint this vehicle all Green, so this variation is welcome. The odds, the interior detail, the MG’s and the aerial.

There is some options to get this model in 1/72 scale, not only in sets to built, also more diecast options are available. Hobby Master haves no less of 10 version for this vehicle, the most similar to the showed here is this and the quality is quite better. You can take a look to the rest of the Hobby Master models here.

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