nº03 – Altaya IXO PanzerHaubitze 2000

Altaya IXO PanzerHaubitze 2000
Beob.Pz.Art.Btl. 345 Kusel (Germany) 2002

Technical Details:
5 crew
1 Obus L52 155mm
1 MG3 (7,62mm)
Range 420 Km.

This self propelled artillery vehicle is more modern than the AMX AU F1 recently reviewed.
It is Germany designed, based in the Leopard 2 chassis. It’s construction was authorized in 1996, to equip the German reaction forces.

It can fire 3 projectile in 9 seconds, or 10 in a minute, but this rate overheat the gun, so can’t be maintained.
The load system is totally automatic, in 12 minutes their 60 projectile capacity can be reloaded. Conventional munition can achieve 30Km range, and munition rocket assisted can achieve 40Km.
Its sophisticated fire control system can fire simultaneously 5 projectile in the same place, varying angle and fire charge.

Greece, Netherlands and Italy also have this vehicle in their arsenal. Recently they have been deployed in Afghanistan by Netherlands forces.

The Altaya’s model has an average good quality, chassis is made in metal and turret and accessory are made in plastic. This model isn’t in other Diecast manufacturers. Camouflage is the typical NATO ones in three colours, we can observe differences in his interpretation with the French AMX AU F1.

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