nº11 – Altaya 38cm Sturmmöserwagen “Sturmtiger”

Sturmmöserwagen “Sturmtiger” Pz.Stu.Mr.Btr.1002 Minden (Germany) – 1945

Technical details.
5 Crew
1 StuM RW61 L/54 (380mm)
1 MG 34 (7,92 mm)
100 mm armour.
120 Km range.

Just 18 units were produced from this model, intended for heavy infantry support, on urban areas or dense fortifications, combining a Tiger I chassis with a 38 cm Raketen-Werfer RW61 L/5.4 naval gun. (Raketen-Werfer = Rocket Launcher).
This gun was capable of fire different munitions, including one of 125Kg High explosive.


This model is present on many Diecast manufacturers catalogue, with better accuracy than Altaya, although Altaya’s ones cover well the subject, without major defects, just the basic finished.

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