nº21 – Altaya Hummel (Sd. Kfz. 165)

Hummel (Sd. Kfz. 165) Pz. Div “Feldherrnhalle” Budapest (Hungary) – 1945

Technical Details:
7 crew
1 sFH 18/1 gun. (150mm)
1 MG 34 ó 42 (7,92mm)
215 Km on road y 95 Km off road

Hummel was designed in 1942, to cover the fault of self propelled artillery capable to follow and support panzer divisions, as were needed during Russian invasion in 1941.
After some discarded prototypes the idea about a 15 cm sFH 18 L/30 and a specialized chassis, the “Geschützwagen III/IV”, goes on.
The “Geschützwagen III/IV” combined elements from Panzer III and Panzer IV (chassis, engine and suspension). This chassis also were used with an antitank version, the Nashorn.


About 714 units were made until the end of the war, plus 150 munition carrier vehicles, which could be converted to standard version without goes to factory.

Hummel were deployed on Panzer divisions, forming their own batteries of six Hummel plus one munition carrier.

Altaya’s model has the same problems that other Altaya’s models… a basic finishing. Although it has an interesting camouflage pattern, there are better options in other Diecast’s manufacturers.

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