nº18 – Altaya Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (Sd.Kfz.162/1)

Jagdpanzer IV Pz.Gren.Div. “Feldherrnhalle” Budapest (Hungary) – 1945

Technical Details
Crew: 4
1 PAk 42 L/70 (75mm)
1 MG 42 (7,92mm)
1 90mm grenade launcher
200km range

After summer campaign in 1942, Wehrmacht army were in need of a new tank destroyer specification. After designs and tries, the model of a low silhouette and completely enclosed fighting compartment go ahead, instead open turret models as Marder and so. Although a new chassis were desired for Panzer VI lack of resources came into the use the Panzer IV chassis, as Jagdpanther and JagdTiger will do the same with their respective Panther and Tiger chassis. Or the Hetzer, with the Pz 38 chassis.

Altaya’s model depict a L/70 gun mounted version, which was made by two manufacturers, Vomag (V) and Alkett (A), although this variant is not specified by Altaya.
Early L/48 and L/70 models were covered with Zimmerit, and latest models have only 3 return wheels, instead of 4, so Altaya depict a model constructed late 1944 or early 1945, which could be made by both manufacturers. The most common were Vomag version, around 940 units were produced, while Alkett, with his own design, taller than Vomag, produced only 278 units. First version with L/48 gun was manufactured by Krupp (I’m not sure about this) and around 780 units were built.


Jagdpanzer IV were used in Normandy battle, Bulge, and all the East front, since 1944 until the end of the war, but many times were used as assault guns or tanks, which achieves a poor performance and wasted the exhaust resources for German army.
Altaya’s model depict an usual camouflage pattern, there are more models on the collection with this pattern, and the L/70 gun can be a good allied on a wargame, although the model needs some work, to achieve better finish, as always.

Other diecast manufacturer as better range for this vehicle, such Dragon.

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