nº31 – Altaya Opel Maultier Sd. Kfz. 3

Opel Maultier Sd. Kfz. 3 4 Pz. Div. Ponyri (USSR) – 1943

Technical details:
2 Crew
160 Km range (on road), 80 km off road.
Opel Motor 3.6 – 68 CV.
Weigh 3930 Kg.


This half-tracked vehicle was design during the war on the east, to afford the hard conditions of the terrain. It was a conversion from the common 2 Ton, truck , Opel Blitz. Around 4000 units were produced until 1944. The last years of the war wasn’t over Russian land and the conditions were changed, so a quick vehicle for the roads were needed, so some of them, were reconverted to wheels again.
Altaya model is basic again, with a few bad details , although the track looks better in this model. A nice truck what isn’t on other Diecast Manufacturers.

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