nº32 – Altaya Panzerjäger V JagdPhanter

Panzerjäger V JadgPhanter 655 Sch. Pz.Abt. Oldenburg (Germany) 1945

Technical details:
5 Crew
1 Pack 43/4 88mm gun
1 7.92 mm MG-34

415 units were made from January 1944 until the end of the war. There was mainly two versions, early ones, based on Panther Ausf.A and Pack 43/3, and the other, later 1944 and 1945, upgraded with Panther Ausf.G engine and Pack 43/4 gun.
The Pack 43 gun was capable to get out any allied armour, was the gun also used by the King Tiger II monster. One variation for later version was sight on drivers zone, just one, as depict the Altaya’s model.
Early versions until Sept-1944 was covered with a square pattern Zimmerit.

The Jagdpanther was mainly deployed on east front, but also was used on west front since late Normandy’s battle and mainly during Ardennes’s offensive.

Jagdpanther, Imperial War Museum, LondonJagdpanther, Imperial War Museum, London Altaya’s model wears a camouflage pattern like the London Imperial war museum ones, but not the same. The model is basic finished as always, and have two major faults, the blue on sights, and some joints, that don’t fit properly, the most on the rear.
The JagdPanther is one the most famous antitank on World War II, due his fire power and reliability. A lot of diecast’s Manufacturer got it in his catalogue, with great detail and a lot of camouflage patterns, concrete units, etc…


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