nº34 – Altaya s.K 18 10.5 cm Kanone

s.K 18 10.5 cm Kanone 15.Pz.Div. El Alamein (Egypt) – 1942

Technical Details
4 Crew
1 sk 18 (105mm)

Since latest 20th and early 30th Germany replaced obsolete first world war weapons, howitzers and guns were not a exception.
About 1500 units were made, since 1934 to 1945, deployed in artillery battalions of Whermatch divisions and independent battalions, as they big brother 15 cm sFH 18. Both guns had a similar configuration and were transported by the same tractors.


Altaya’s model is basically finished, fixed in transport mode, with a nice camouflage pattern, but one more time, just an expensive toy.

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