nº07 – Altaya Steyr RSO 0/1 + Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun [UPDATED]

Steyr RSO 0/1 + Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun 2. Panzer Div. Normandie (France) – 1944

Technical Details
9 Crew
1 Pak 40 (75mm)
250 Km Range.

04/July/2010 [UPDATED] Pak 40 reworked to fire position and repainted.

Altaya Pak40 Reworked-4

This is one of the most interesting model in the Altaya Collection, not present in other diecast manufacturers catalogue. The Pak 40 is fixed in transport mode, which is not most desirable for wargaming. As always the finish of the model is too basic, compared with other diecast manufacturers.


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