1/72 – ACE – 72130 – BREM-2 (БРЭМ-2)


Some history:

ARV-2 – Soviet Armoured recovery vehicle, created based on the BMP-1.ARV-2 is designed in Design and Engineering Center of the USSR Defense Ministry in Kiev. Issued on the basis of requiring overhaul of BMP-1.The machine is intended for emergency evacuation infantry fighting vehicles.

About kit: 

This kit as all other kits of “ACE” very hard to assemble. Main problem is the amount of burrs and sink marks. The most difficult thing in this set is a truck.
Because of the poor quality of casting has to mess that would free them from the burr.

Eventually pulled from the kit all that I could. Add a little additions of tin, wire, etc.
The model makes the old and used.


The model was painted with artistic acrylic paint , MIG pigments and artistic oil.








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